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Had my weigh-in today and GAINED .6 lbs. I'm telling myself it's because I've been working out and muscle weighs more than fat, or maybe I was "backed up," I don't know. And I do tell myself that this is a way of life, not just a short-term thing. But it's kind of frustrating to see the scale moving in the wrong direction, yanno?

After my meeting DH & I went to the local nursery, where they were having a sale, and picked out a dwarf nectarine tree. We walked in thinking we were going to get a dwarf navel orange, but in this area everybody and his brother has citrus trees and citrus fruit is cheap! A nectarine that's been picked ripe off the tree, though ... that is yummy for the tummy!

Did well at lunch -- DH suggest KFC (grilled of course) but their vegie selections are kind of limited, so I got a little assertive and requested a different place, one that I felt would have more health-friendly selections. They had lots to choose from! I chose a turkey cobb salad, requested dressing on the side, spinach instead of lettuce, and had water instead of soda.

Then we went bowling! First time in 40 years for me, and it was a lot more aerobic than I remembered! lol Got a few strikes and several gutter balls (my mother the bowler must be rolling in her grave) but we had fun. My left knee is definitely going to be sore tomorrow! I'm glad we quit after two games and didn't go for three. I had a better time than DH but he has more physical limitations to deal with than I do. I'm thinking maybe I'll go over there by myself ever couple of weeks and bowl a couple games, see if I can at least get consistently over 100 again.

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