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Default Need A Boost!

I joined this forum because I feel like I just need a little support. Its hard to overcome something alone, and honestly I feel sorta like I don't deserve help. I know that's not true but after trying and quitting over and over again, it sorta wears your helpers out like crying wolf or something. Pretty soon nobody takes you serious let alone taking your self serious.

I want to go back after loosing weight. I would really like it to be for good, but I have to admit that I am starting to doubt that it will ever happen. Not a good attitude for success, I know. But it's honest.

I am 35, I weighed my self the other day and I weighed 160! I have never been that high. I grew up fat, and never knew what it was like to be small except 6 years ago I did Herbalife FAITHFULLY and went from 236 to 163 in 7 months. It was amazing. I had never felt so good. then...slowly I gained it all back and more. I know I could have kept it off but I just didn't hold my ground. I have lost 50 lbs. on WW and tried all the rest. I know that it's not the diets that caused me to succeed it was my determination and discipline.

So here I am, whining to all of you, really because I feel like I need a little boost to get going. OK a big boost. I know I will need to change a lot of bad habits. Its not impossible but I feel so lazy.

What I do believe that I need is someone to mentor me in cooking. I honestly don't enjoy cooking. I can learn to enjoy it but I would rather snack all day. But I cant, I have a little boy that needs structure and proper meals. I also have a husband that is a truck driver and he is only home a few days a month, , and when he is home, I cook for him my best.

I have in the last year joined WW online, and like it. I lost 17 lbs. last summer and then binged. I still have my membership, but haven't been online for a few months. I can do it but I think my key is planning.

I get frustrated and irritated by cookbooks that have a few good recipes in them but are mostly filled with odd fancy food that I am not sure if anyone eats on a normal basis. I am from the Midwest, and need simple recipes that I can make that don't have a bunch of unusual ingredients.

I am so sorry to vent like this - I guess I just need to let it out, get in gear and go for it.

Thanks for listening,
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