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Gail -- You "sound" more like yourself today! I'm glad your mom is doing better and hope that she continues to do so. It is not easy to watch your parents' health decline. We feel so lucky that Bob's mom is still pretty much independent except for driving and living alone. She is happy in the assisted living facility and we see her for a few minutes every day. It is amazing what you can find stashed away in a basement. I have Beth's Cabbage Patch dolls and clothes that my mother made for them. She asked about getting them for Maddy, but Kolby is rather rough with things and especially so when he gets mad at her for something. I told her I'd get them out and keep them here at our house for awhile.

Susan -- I have not seen the WW commercial yet. If Bob is home he surfs during commercials only to find that every channel seems to have commercials about the same time. The 15 minute cookbook sounds like my kind of cooking! I have to decide about early retirement by Feb. 1st. I guess the bottom line is what the schedule works out to be; sometimes I feel like people take advantage of my good "humor." I don't mind helping anyone when they ask politely but hate it when they assume I will just go ahead and do something because I've done it before. I know I will miss the money because that is my "play" money that I buy things that aren't really necessary . . . like a new stove and refrigerator! I did find the receipt for the old ones and we've had them almost 5 years. I don't think the oven ever did work right and I was too dense to figure it out until a year ago.

I just finished cleaning my bathroom and need to put the rugs back down, so I'm off!
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