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I am an every day weigher as well. I find that after a while you get used to the fluctuations, and just accept the odd days when you are suddenly 2 pounds heavier than the day before -- because there are other days when you are just as far down. I also keep a monthly chart and plot my weight for each morning on it -- that way I can look back and see that wonderful downward trend over a month. I think the charting further adds to the lack of importance for each day's weight for me. Actually, I have a little computer program that gives me a five day running average for my weight too -- I think that is a much more accurate portrayal of where I am then any particular single morning's weight.

Basically, I think weighing every day does three things for me. 1) It helps keeps me accountable EVERY day for what I do -- no temptation to eat badly one day a week because I have ALL week before I weigh in again. 2) It decreases the importance of the individaul weigh-ins. I have dieted when I weighed once a week, and I found it more damaging to my psyche when the number didn't change, etc. 3) Charting daily weights each month help to keep me sane. I can look back and see the patterns. Like this week for instance -- I have suddenly popped up a pound and a half and sat there for four days. It was irritating me, until I pulled out the last two month's charts. Presto! If you put the three chart's over each other, the pattern has been repeated during this last week of each of the three months almost exactly. TOM is still over a week away, but apparently my water retention starts well over a week out. If I had not been charting, I would not have recognized or remembered this pattern so perfectly.

However, everyone is different. What is most important is to find out what will work for you.

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