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Thanks for all the support!

Originally Posted by luckymommy View Post
Hey 3Beans!
I think maybe it's my post you read...or maybe another.
Yup, Luckymommy, it was your post. I'm a knitter, btw, so if crafting is hokey, I'm hokey too! I do knit while I soak my foot sometimes.

I'm also doing water exercises, but unfortunately, I can't actually do lap swimming because of my shoulder. So, while sitting on one of those foam noodles to keep my feet from touching bottom, I've been doing cross-country ski moves in place, pool running in the deep end, kickboarding, leg lifts, etc. sometimes with small water weights in my hands to increase resistance (as long as it doesn't aggravate my shoulder). I went to an aquafit class twice to learn some exercises, which was helpful if a bit slow paced for me. It's a decent workout, but I'm used to high impact cardio, floor, and sculpt, with music and choreography, so it's a kind of hard to stay motivated. I'm keeping at it, though.

I should add that I've really piled on the pounds by my most recent weigh-in because last week, in addition to all this other stuff, I had a bad summer cold and couldn't go to the pool at all. Didn't help my morale one bit.

Anyway, I wish I could use this time to try new recipes but cooking (and cleaning up) involves more standing and walking around then you realize when your feet feel okay! As for junk food, we never have any in the house. I've just been eating what we have in excess. My SO picked up a bunch of fruits and veggies at the farm stand yesterday, though, so I've had some good stuff to munch on today.

Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
Injuries stink - I know first hand. BUT - using them as an excuse to eat off-plan is counterproductive, especially on a lower extremity injury (where gaining weight could actually SLOW recovery). It'll be harder to stay on plan, and even harder than that to have consistent losses, without exercise, but honestly? You'll feel 10 million times better if you consistently do the best you can.

Forgive my elements of tough love here, but remember, last August, I was in EXACTLY the same boat. I sank into self pity mode a bit, because I wanted to exercise and couldn't. I started down that constant snacking, boredom path...and I felt bad about myself and about my habits. Then I snapped out of it, due to some tough love from several chicks here, and I actually HIT GOAL during that low-exercise time period.

So get back on can DEFINITELY do this. Instead of letting it be a sob story, make it a drive to be even better, do as much as you can, get your body back in fighting shape, and move forward. for coming back and confessing, and for getting back on track!
I appreciate the tough love. I need it. There are so many good points here.

I think watching the Olympics woke me up too. Seeing all those athletic bodies and the amazing things they could do reminded me of how good I feel when I'm healthy and fit!
Long term goal:

Short term goal:

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