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Tiger, your post could be mine except that my time frame was 6 years for preggo and nursing. When my last "baby" was almost two I finally became mentally READY to make changes in my eating and likestyle. And so I did.

As my new avatar states I have lost 30 (actually 32) pounds since March of this year.

Prior to and during my loss it was the thought of a hernia repair and tummy tuck that would keep me from getting discouraged about my very protruding belly. I noticed that eating wheat, even whole grain, would distend my abdomen. Not eating refined or even whole grains resulted in a kindof somewhat less obtrusive belly. At this point, almost goal, I am still aware of my abdomen being my least trim feature. But I can also say, it is greatly improved with my weight loss and my new way of eating.

I totally get it. See you around 3fctown.

Calorie Counting Back to Maintenance Weight

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