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Oh, I forgot to add. My dietitian said no chromium piccolinate, due to possible side effects and overall effectiveness. I'm taking chelated chromium, in the form of chromium nicolinate. I can't find my handout she gave me - I'll keep looking. I can't remember what the interaction/problem was, but I didn't want any part of it. I completely trust my dietitian. She is a professor at the local university and she also interns nutrition students, so she has to stay up to date on everything, and remain pretty objective. That's what I like the most about her. She isn't too conservative or too far out.

An update for me: I'm taking Chromium Synergy by Designs for Health. This is a link to the item, but I know nothing about the store, or if you can buy it without being a patient. But they do have the information on why chromium picolinate is bad for us. I've been taking this for a week, and I do feel better through the day. No crashes, no wild cravings, no shakes. Just an even keel.
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