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Hmmmm. Most of the things you're eating are the very things every diet or healthy way of eating eliminates or reduces severely. And those white starchy foods and sugars trigger hunger. I'm not seeing any daily protein, whole grains, LF/NF dairy or much in the way of vegetables and fruit. You may want to consider an eating plan that discusses a balanced serving of different kinds of foods. The ones that come to my mind are Weight Watchers, which has Guidelines for Healthy Living, and South Beach. I'm sure others do as well. You could take a look at the Forums for those here to get an idea of how these work, but you would want to get the materials for WW or read the book for SB to really understand how they work. Look around the forums also for healthy recipes. To make permanent change, you need to find something that works for you.

In the meantime - you want to start adding in vegetables - anything you add will be an improvement, lean protein (beans, chicken, fish, lean cuts of beef - not fried, limited amounts of nuts), oatmeal (instead of sugary cereal), 100% whole grain bread, low-fat, fat free milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, hard cheese, fruits. Maybe start with changing one thing. If you're limited in what you like to eat, try one new thing and see if you can like it. Replace those sugary drinks with water if you can. All that white starch and sugar will make you fat, ruin your health and eventually kill you.

You're on the right path by coming here and asking. Obviously you've signed up for the fact that you need to make changes. Welcome. You can change this.
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