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Default Things to look forward to as we lose weight!!

Alright I have looked everywhere for a thread that was posted around October with everyone listing serveral things they can not wait for as they lose weight. I loved that thread I read it like 4 times a day, but now I can't find it so I decided to start a new one. List things about your body, mind, emotional changes that you can't wait to happen as we obtain our goals!!!

So come on gals and guys lets start write them down!!!

These are a few of mind

1. Can't wait to weight less then DH
2. Go shopping in normal size sections at stores
3. Tie my shoes comfortably, and have the tie in the middle not on side
3. Fit into my wedding ring
4. Fit into my necklace and not have to get longer chains so the thing does not look like a choker
5. be in onederland
6. be able to run a triathlon
7. be healthy enough to get back to a regular menstral cycle
8. have sexy calfs
9. have a healthy size 30 inch waist and not be pre-diabetic
10. not havve to roll out of bed, be able to sit up and get off properly
11. be able to run with my son and not sit on side because I am embarrased a my fat jiggling.
12. Be able to stand comfortable next to my 7, 5' 9", 120 pounds SIL
13. Have my hubby be able to pick me up and carry me to be (I miss this)
14. Having my self image catch up and realize I am beautiful now.

Ok so there is so much more but here are just a few.......
June 20th Goal

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