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Default Hello!

Hey everyone!

I'm Haley and since I'm now 20 (as of yesterday), I've decided to join this group, I hope thats alright. It seems like a really supportive group! I'm at 199 currently (actually, I think I may be back at 201--but not for long!)

I started back in June with counting calories and now that I'm back at school and reliant on dorm food, I can't really count my calories. Lately, I've just been watching what I eat and trying to be careful. I also haven't worked out in about a week, but I usually try to get to the gym 5 times a week for an hour of cardio each day and strength training every other day. I'm at the point where I've kind of lost some of my motivation and I'm trying to get it back! I'm desperate to lose this weight, I want it gone!!!

Anyways, that's just a little about my weight stuff. Hope to get to know you all!
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Welcome to the group. It's good to have you. Did you know there is a support group for 20 somethings. Just thought I would let you know. I am sure they know how you are feelings. I can relate to you as I know what it was like to be 20 and overweight. I was in college and was about 190 and I know how hard it can to watch what you eat. It's not the most healthiest food around. I would say just watch your portion sizes and try to eat fruits and veggies when possible.

It's great to see you putting in such an effort. You have a good work out routine going. I would just take it one day at a time and do your best. If you just believe in yourself, you can do it. Keep up the good work.
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Hey Haley! I'm 21 and in a constant struggle with my weight, but all of the fast food late nite studying and alcohol is making it VERY difficult. I would love to be ur buddy! What have been ur biggest challenges in college, and what are your goals?
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Welcome to the boards!

I'm still in college (this is my 5th year). I stopped eating cafeteria food on campus and in the other places that offer food on campus my 3rd year. It's good to eat the food because you get a great variety. The hardest thing is just that...variety! Not all the food is good for you, especially in larger portions.

Since I got my own apartment I cook all my meals. If you have a mini fridge in your room, you should stock up on easy to prepare foods like fruits and sandwiches. If you eat breakfast and dinner in your room then it should be okay to eat in the cafeteria for lunch. It might help with counting calories.

All that cafeteria food for all meals and snacks can be really bad sometimes. I gained a lot of my weight from it during my second year in school. As a matter of fact I was around 145 when I got to college and I got to 183 by my 4th year. So much for that Freshman 15...It was more like the freshman 25.

There are so many fast food places and vending machines around the school. But I keep my fridge and pantry stocked with the good things. It's helped me a lot. I don't deprive myself of eating out...I do it about 2 times a month. But it doesn't matter because I make good choices when I do.

Making good choices is all about having the right foods in reach for the greater part of the day. So when you do eat the crummy cafeteria food you wont undo the whole day. Does that make sense?

Good luck in your weight loss...keep us updated. And again, welcome!
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Hey girl, welcome to the group!!!
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Everyone here is great. You'll get lots of support. Good luck on your weight loss!
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I am a senior and I live in an apartment. I stick with frozen foods because I can't cook and am bad at portions. This has DEFINITELY helped me. The hard thing is the alcohol and everyone else eating all of the yummy food that I want to pig out on.
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