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Default New with a question

Hi ~ I'm new here and I hope it's okay for me to just jump in and join the club!
I just started on Oct 1 and dropped weight steadily 250...249...248....247....just like dream. All the way down to 240.0. Right, okay so then it stopped. I didn't change my eating habits at fact i cut some more calories.. and started exercising 30 minutes a day. I'll get on the scale one day it will jump up to 242, then it said to 243!!!!!! What the...???? I don't get it. I have been doing extremely well, I thought. It is really really irritating me. I read the posts about plateauing and everything and weight fluctuating, but should it be fluctuating that much after dropping weight so steadily? How long will this last? When I cut more calories that made my diet a total of 700 calories a day...I can't cut any more. What else can I possibly do to break out of this?????
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Ok, I think the problem is that you need to EAT! Anything less than 1200 calories and your body will think it's starving. It will hold on to EVERY OUNCE you eat because it thinks it's starving. Also, are you drinking your water?? If you are exercising and not drinking water your body will horde water too (You need 1/2 of your weight in ounces of water so 120 ounces for you). Just keep going with your exercise and keep up the water and increase those calories! Also, you have to expect some muscle gains because of your new exercising routine so that may cause a little bit of weight gain also. Just keep the program up and you'll lose weight. You have to be patient! Also, everyone flucuates from day to day so try to weigh only once a week if you can.


PS. I always gain at my time of the month too but I don't know if that's a factor for you or not.
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Hi, welcome!!! Absolutley jump in where ever you can!!!

First off, you're not eating enough at all. Unless specified by a doctor, your body can't live on that. That is most likely why you aren't losing anymore. Sometimes you just don't lose for a couple weeks. It happened to me and then it started coming off again. It's frustrating and it doesn't make sense, but you just have to get through it! Your body will fight you if you don't eat enough! Most of the time it's said that one shouldn't go under 1200 calories. It can't hurt trying right? I mean the worst thing that will happen is that you still won't lose. Unless you have a medical problem you deffinitly won't gain at 1200 and in fact could probably handle up to 1800 calories a day. Apparantly your "honeymoon" weight loss period is over (sad, I know). Weight loss isn't as simple as...cut your calories and lose weight, the less calories you eat the more you lose! Oh, if it were only that easy! Believe me though, you need to eat more!

Glad you're here!!!
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Hey Shannon,
When I exercise, I always see an increase in weight, then a sudden drop. I think it might have something to do with my weight-lifting. (I do nautilus) So don't dispair, just because the scale says you're heavier doesn't mean it's a bad thing, you might just be building muscle! (That's good, because it burns more calories!) Also, don't think so much about what the scale says, how about your clothes, are they looser? Have you lost inches? That may be a better indicator to go by than pounds! Hope that helps.
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I agree with everyone on the not eating enough calories to fuel your body. But also think about said you started 10/'s only been 10 days! To lose 10lbs in that amount of time is great but it's mainly water weight which is the easiest to get rid of. Plus weight does fluctuate day to day so you haven't given yourself enough time to see weekly trends, etc. Bump up the calories but keep up with the exercising and water and you will see good results soon. Congrats on your lifestyle change.
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Thanks everyone!!!
I totally forgot about the water thing...I guess diet soda doesn't count? I drank 3 big glasses of water and will try to drink more the rest of the day. I think my pants may be a bit loser, I took my measurments so hopefully that will confirm that I am getting smaller in the next few days. Also, my weight buddy did suggest that I start eating more calories as it is very unhealthy, so I will try to go for 1000-1200 today and 60 min of exercise. I feel so much better now, thanks everyone I am re-motivated!
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Hey it can totaly suck when you are losing fast then it gets all crazy but here are a few tips.

Eat more of the good stuff. Shoot for 1200-1500 calories(I think this is good for your weight, 1200 is pretty low especially with the excersising). Make sure you are eating healthy food. Just because somthing is low fat or light doesn't mean its healthy, make sure you are getting the right stuff to fuel your body and shed the pounds. Fruits, Veggies, whole grains, lean meats, and lf dairy. I've noticed recently that I need to cut out almost all sugar and only eat unrefined carbs to keep my weight going down.

Drink lots of water, that first 10 pounds, probably a lot of that was water. If you don't drink enough just like your body holding onto the fat if you dont' eat enough, it will hold onto your water if you don't drink enough, making your scale number higher.
Don't get on the scale unless it won't mess up your mood, drive, what ever you want to call it. I am a scale addict and I know my weight fluxuates so though I do weigh a lot, I try and only use my once a week WI as my true weight.

Don't give up! Keep excersing, a lot of weeks when I bust my butt, I don't see a drop for a nother week or so. Its not always imediate.

You can do it, and keep posting, this place is great for support.
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Hi, and welcome!!! Try breaking up 1200-1400 calories into 6 meals...and spread them throughout the day. As far as exercise goes, try interval training...and strength training. Make sure you are getting 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. This can be hard, so supplementing with whey protein powder. This will DEFINATELY work. Good luck!!!
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