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Question Does it matter when you workout?

Does it make a difference WHEN you workout? Usually the "controversy" is about whether it is more beneficial to exercise in the morning, and before breakfast at that, due to the fact that your body will be forced to used stored fat for energy, and it will jump start your body. The other side says, it doesn't matter when, because your body may burn calories you just ate for energy, but that just means that later in the day you will end up burning those stored calories. I used to be **** bent on saying it didn't matter at all, mostly because I liked to exercise at night. But I wonder if there are any benefits to working out first thing in the morning, especially before eating. I know that no matter when you do it, it still burns calories and is beneficial!!! But do you think it jump starts your metabolism at all? Or anything else for that matter.

I am mostly curious because I have just started getting up early to workout before the day even starts (mostly so I won't make excuses not to workout at the end of the day when I am tired).
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I know that no matter when you do it, it still burns calories and is beneficial!!!
That's the bottom line for what I believe. I have seen "experts" saying different things but it all comes down to calories in vs. calories out. Workout whenever it best fits in your schedule and you're much more likely to stick with it and not find excuses.
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Yes I agree with Julia, exercise when you are likely to enjoy it so that you stick with it. Also, you could gage it on how you feel after you exercise. For example, if after you exercise you feel full of energy, then in the morning or afternoon may be better. If on the other hand it leaves you tired or relaxed, then it may be best to do it in th evening.
THe only time of that i know that "experts" say not to exercise is immediate before bed, i guess because it could keep you up, or make it harder to fall asleep.

hope this helps.
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my old trainer - who i have all the faith in the world - wanted me to excersize before i ate breakfast. this way u got some reserved cals burned up and jumped ure metabolism for the day. that said, I am NOT a morning person, so that is very difficult for me - (though i did it today cause I woke up so late)
also I think its beneficial, if you really want to lose weight to work out multiple times throughout the day - not that I ever motivate myself to do that.
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They say in the morning is the best just because you're most likely to stick with it, before issues during the day come up to interfere. as far as working out before eating, that isn't proven to be any better because if you are working out for any length of time you should have a light snack beforehand. I say if you are better able to workout at night go fo it. mornings work for me because i am exhausted after a full day of work and it is hard to get motivated then.
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I agree with lizzbabe, I work out inth e morning because once Im done witrh owrk I make up to many excuses and Im too tired to work out in the evening.
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