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Unhappy Today I'm Struggling.

I'm new here....and, well....I just need some support or help or something.

Today I got on the scale and it said I weighed 225 pounds. That's 10 pounds up since February....25 pounds in the last year....and I don't know what is wrong.

I don't know why I keep gaining weight. I exercise the same amount. I actually eat out less. I try to eat veggies and fruit and stay away from cookies and soda. I don't go to the bar as much as I used to....and I've switched to vodka with soda water instead of beer.

But no matter what I do, my boobs keep getting bigger, and my waist and thighs. No one in my family is significantly large, so I don't think it's genetic.

Normally, it doesn't bother me so much....but it hurt so much to see 225 when I got on the scale.

I just don't know what to do any more.
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On a positive note it sounds like you have good food and exercise habits, that you are committed and this means you can keep them up long term. On the negative you are gaining weight, which I can imagine is super disheartening after all your work. I think you need to further investigate the "why" as you may very well be able to reverse this.

The first, basic step will be write down everything you eat (which you could be doing?), measuring portions etc to count the calories. Even though you are making healthy choices, calories in calories out still matters

The next thing I would do is go and get a comprehensive blood test done. You may have a hormone balance that is making you gain (thyroid, PCOS etc)
Some people can eat what ever, stay within their calorie range and lose weight. Other people need to avoid certain foods (like sugar) completely
Are you experimenting with what you eat?

Are you taking any medication (like anti depressants or prednislone) that can effect weight? Maybe there are specific strategies you can take while on these drugs to reduce your weight

Hopefully the advice from this forum can get you back on track

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Are you weighing your food?
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