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Default Question of the day # 5!

Come on....You know you want it....You know you've been waiting for it....Ta dammmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

QUESTION OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I give you 1000 $ .... You buy???

Generous Sacha
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use it as a downpayment on a vehicle
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Me- I would put it towards a vespa scooter...nah! (although we are going to purchase one soon!)

See you give me the $1000----AMERICAN MONEY???!?!? just kidding! I just want to make sure I am spending it in the right country. hehe

OKay so you give it to me and if you said..."ONLY SPEND THIS ON YOURSELF...AND DON't USE IT FOR BILLS!!!!" Then I would spend half on a whole new spiffy "teacher-like" wardrobe that I will hopefully have to replace in about a month because all of the clothes are too big. ( I will go to Ross so that at least I get more bang for my bucks) With the other $500 I would buy a treadmill...and rent space to keep it!

I want one so bad, but we really don't have to room with my furniture collection and his toy collection!! I am a modern furniture nut! I have really cool stuff....and even though some of them are so far-out that they aren't even comfortable...I still have to keep them...Oh and we have 8 arcade machines in our one room and it is like and arcade so there is no room....we have too much maybe I would take the $1000 skip the clothes...

and screen in our balcony-thing and waterproof it and buy a treadmill! Oh man I want the money...hehe
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Default Now I'm dreaming...

If the $$ had to be used practically:
I'd put 1/2 towards my student loan
The other 1/2 into savings! (I know, boring)

If the $$ was to be used not-so-practically:
I'd spend at least 1/2 on new clothes in the coming months (I will actually NEED them, anyway)
And then I'd spend the rest on a fabulous getaway weekend for my husband & me!
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I am buying clothes and shoes and handbags and shoes and clothes and handbags...Get the picture?? *giggle*

Amercian money???? OHHH YEAHHH!!!

Greedy Sacha
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Ok I'm a practical one too, I'd save it but if we had to be a bit more adventurous with it I'd spend it on clothes and maybe upgrade a few electronic devices around the house that are presently becoming obsolete.

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The first thing I would do is buy myself a day at a spa including facials, massages, and the whole works! Nothing like being pampered!

I'd go to Barnes and Noble and have a fabulous spree of all of those books that I usually make myself wait and get from Interlibrary loan.

Then I'd put the rest towards the leather jacket that I'm buying myself when I reach 180 #s.
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I'd give half $400 to my mom, $400 to my sister, and use the last $200 on a weekend trip with my boyfriend.
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I'd buy a 1600x1200 LCD. But unfortunately 1000 bucks might not be enough to cover it.. The next thing in line.. a dual opteron server. (AMD's new 64 bit platform.. which will blow Intel out of the water).

Or .. for the girly side.. Deny pottery dishes.
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Hmmm... a thousand free and clear to spend on something fun? I'd probably use part of it to buy a pair of Manolos, and the remainder towards a ticket to some TBD European locale. I haven't been to Europe in over a year and I'm just dying. Thank God I'm at least getting to London in October (and hopefully I will be much thinner than when I was there last...)
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if only she'd lose weight
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I would redecorate my apt--shag carpeting, tile in the kitchen instead of carpet, tile in the bathroom instead of carpet, walls painted, ceiling raised, cabinet space made, etc.
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I sooo know what I would do, get a round trip ticket with my dad's D2 airport pass to San Diego to see my guy, then spend all $1000 once I get there on whatever I want
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