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Tracey D
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Default The SCALE


I have a love hate relationship with my scale, as in I weigh myself everyday, sometimes used to be worse than that at one point.

I would like to only be weiging myself every Sunday, which is weigh in day, but I feel like if I dont wrap the scale in metal chains and hide it away I will just keep stepping on!

Any tips?...
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Leveling Up
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Weighing daily isn't necessarily bad (it can teach you about your body's fluctuations), but if you're getting obsessed then you may have to literally lock up the scale somewhere or make it an ordeal to get to.

I've seen some bloggers put the scale in their car, put it high up so they can't reach it, etc. Make it accessible so you can get to it on your weigh-in day, but difficult to get to so that you won't want to go to it every day.

FWIW, I weigh everyday and track the results. It's given me a handy chart that shows my weight loss and I've done another one for maintenance.
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If you have room in your cabinet under the sink, that may be the best way to go. That way you won't have to stare at it every day and it's less likely you'll forget where you hid it.
If you don't think you can do once a week try twice, Sundays and Wednesdays/Thursdays are pretty good choices
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Lifes a Journey
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I used to be okay with not weighing myself every day but since I started this "BLC" I like to step on the scale to make sure I'm going down and not up to keep me accountable especially for my weigh in on sunday. If I'm 165 monday and find myself up to 167 on wednesday I need to change something quickly in what I'm doing to drop some weight so I don't lose my weekly weigh in!

That being said, I have my scale lean up against the wall so I don't exactly look at it. Or put it under my sink, usually helps when I'm running late which is often lol. I don't like weighing myself in the afternoon because I'm also up between 2-5 pounds depending on what the heck I've eaten but back down in the morning so that stopped me from doing it more than once a day...
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Pain Is Fuel
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I used to weigh myself every time I was in the bathroom. It was hard on me mentally, seeing that huge fluctuation on the scale. It made me want to refrain from eating anything, even drinking water! Not healthy at all.

I took my scale and hide it away in my closet, I would dig it out every morning and weigh myself then automatically put it back in my closet. Since it was no longer so convenient for me to step on it, I stopped weighing myself so much. It was a huge weight off me mentally and it helped me feel better during the days because I didn't feel like I was screwing up. Now the scale can stay out and I only climb on it in the mornings
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So glad I am not the only one.
I felt bad for weighing myself everyday, but I felt like I needed to see the numbers go down. Sigh.
My boyfriend got on me about it & told me I need to do it once a week since it is obvious that what I am doing is working.
I don't want to have to be sneaky. Double sigh.
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Default Love/Hate

I have a serious hate relationship with the scale. I just get too obsessed. Then, I eventually stop doing it. It's horrible.

I guess I have started to come to the conclusion that it isn't the number on the scale that matters, it is the amount of work that I put into it. Am I eating the correct foods throughout the day? Am I exercising? Am I trying to be in better shape? If my response to these questions are yes, yes, and yes---then I have even more of a reason to not weigh myself.

I believe that when i get to a body type that I absolutely adore---I will weigh myself. Until then, I don't truly see a reason to weigh myself. Weight loss is a gradual process anyway. I feel like getting too comfortable with some numbers may actually hold me back. If I want to break through into a new weight---my goal being in the 140s or 130s---I have to allow myself to break through into this new lifestyle.

I have never weighed in the 140s. The only way for me to get there is to love myself, and the day that I feel I am at that happy weight, and I love the way I look in the mirror, I will get on the scale.
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I had a serious obsession with my scale at one point. It got so bad that I was weighing myself everytime I was in the bathroom it didn't matter the reason I would be weighing myself up to 20 times a day. When I moved out of my parents house I decided not to buy a scale which ended up being both a good thing and a bad thing. The good part was I broke my habit of constantly monitoring my weight the bad news was that I gained 20lbs. I know have a scale and weigh myself no more that 2 times a day. I like to see how my weight changes from the beginning of the day to the end of the day.

I will usually weigh myself first thing in the morning and either when I get home from work or right before going to bed. My weight fluctuates around 3-5lbs a day and I like to see how what I eat effects weight fluctuations. I have even started making a spreadsheet to track the data which is nerdy but it is how I choose to channel my obsession.
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