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Default NSV... Literally!

For about 6 months I have been obsessed with the scale. I weigh myself every morning, no matter what. Binges, vacation, holidays.... And that number dictated my mood for the day. About a week ago, I decided that enough was enough. The first few days were SO hard... I wanted to know what I weighed (I know- like it would change that much in three days)... But now- I feel GREAT! I don't go to bed hoping I pee a lot at night to lose water or have to hold my breath in the morning wondering how much my weight may have changed... And it's so nice! So, I'm challenging myself to avoid the scale for three weeks. I'm staying on my eating/exercise plan, but I'm focusing on my health, not the number on the scale... And I'm excited. I feel like I'm free from the stupid .2 gains I worry about. Anyways- I just wanted to share my epiphany with someone!! No scale until Halloween for me! (I'm actually hoping this will help me avoid binges as well, because the # on the scale is a big trigger.)
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That's awesome! I got obsessed with the scale too so I only weigh myself once a week. I bet the number will suprise u come Halloween
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Good luck! You are a stronger woman than me.
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I couldn't do it! I'm still in a place where I need to scale to validate (or motivate or berate) me.

Best of luck!
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Good for you!! I got so obsessed with the scale that every time I walked into the bathroom I was weighing myself. I weighed my self up to 5 times a day.. My husband got so annoyed he took the batteries out for a month. It was VERY hard but I know only weigh my self 1 or 2 a week. You can do it!
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That's awesome! Would love to hear your results when you get back on the scale. I'm seriously thinking this is the route I need to go... Before I made the decision to take back my life, I used to wiegh everyday and say "at least I haven't hit 170 yet" or "well, I should have expected a 2 pound jump in one day - I ate horrible this weekend". Now I am obsessing over the number. A .2 loss can make my day. A .2 gain can put me in the foulest mood (even if I know it can be attributed to the kicka** workout I did the night before).

Thanks for sharing your bravery to step away.
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I used to do it everyday without fail. I would get so happy when I'd see a good loss but then so upset when I weighed the next day and had a small gain. So this past week was my first week of weighing only once a week. I weighed on 10/24 and when today finally came I was SO excited to see what the number would be and it was definitely good. Down to 177.8 from 184.3! I would have to say it was much more satisfying making myself wait to see the drop instead of doing it every single day and basing my mood off of it.
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