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Question How do you "Plan/Track"??

When i asked all of you what your scale rules were, we started to touch on the topic of charting and tracking our weight/workouts/food. So today I was wondering how everybody else writes stuff down??? I am an obsessive planner/tracker (not too obsessed, i really enjoy it)!! And i have multiple places i track!

#1 My planner. Its a really cute Target GreenRoom 3 ring binder. I created all my own calanders, and templates for meal planning. I write down weight for that day, planned meals, exercise log, and it is where i keep all of weight watchers material and other misc information sheets. I also have a blank spreadsheet where i write down all of my most eaten foods for a quick reference when i am planning/counting points.

#2 On my Macbook <3 i also plan meals on my "stickies" or in "Word". is my BFF for finding nutrition information and i found an online weight watchers calculator. I also have a spreadsheet saved where i input my weight ONCE a week, fridays. the columns are listed as "date" "loss" "total loss" "weight" and "goal". The last column is where i put a goal weight down of 1-2lbs so i have something to work towards that week!

#3 The first place i track my weight is on a calender in the bathroom i write down RIGHT away before i forget those OH-SO-IMPORTANT-DECIMAL-POINTS! every ounce counts!!

#4 I like to input all my foods into an app on my ipod touch. its called "Lose it!" I also track my weight here and it shows it on a pretty chart! It is time consuming to input foods but i dont do it religiously just when i am wondering about nutrients. It shows me what i ate and what the nutritional information is for the entire day.

#5 If i am away from my house with no planner or computer i like to put foods and points in my phone's "notebook" just so i dont forget something i ate!

WOW! This is a lot ha. But I LOVE IT! It keeps me motivated and confident that i can stay on track. Sorry if some of you cant relate to my OBSESSIVENESS! But if you DO NOT track i would love to hear why and how it works for you.

LAST THING! I became a first time Aunt this weekend : ] Dominic Robert Anthony Piccolo, born to my brother Nicholas and his fiance Jacquie! 8lbs 5.5oz, 20.5 inches! Even with all the craziness of the weekend (an attempted at home birth then a delivery in the hospital) i was able to stay on track (thanks to my quick planning and packing foods) and still be there for my family!! It was stressful when the at home birth wasn't going well but it didn't affect my eating!
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Congrats on your new little nephew!! And good job staying on plan through all of that stress!

I track on my phone, using an app called MyFitnessPal. It's great, I put my weight in every day and it shows a graph going back about a month. I also track all of my foods using the app, they have a really big food database and also a barcode scanner built into the app using the camera on my phone.. so if I don't feel like searching for an item or inputting the nutritional info I can just scan the barcode and all of the nutritional info is added. I can track my cardio exercise with the app as well.
At the end of each day when I'm done tracking it tells me "if every day were like this day, in 5 weeks you would weigh ____" which I like, because it gets me imagining myself at that smaller weight and makes me determined to get there!

I also have a sheet of cardstock on my wall where I made a sort of timeline with all of my short term goals, and a place to write the date I achieve them. They are mostly all 5 pound losses, as well as significant BMI markers - Class 1 Obese, Overweight, and Healthy. Having small intervals as goals means I will regularly get that feeling of achievement and have something to be proud of
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I have a log tacked onto my bathroom wall right above my scale that I write my weight on every morning.

Every few days I add that weight to an excel spreadsheet where I track total weight lost, percent weight loss, bmi, etc. And I put it in a graph so I can see the downward trend over time (very motivating!).

I take my measurements (just hips, waist, bust) every Sunday, and record them in excel.

I log everything I eat on the iphone lose it! app, since I always have it with me I won't forget to record something. I don't really plan my meals in advance, I just try to make smart choices whenever I'm hungry. To that end, I've stopped buying junk food so my fridge is full of healthy food.
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I track my weight with the little thing in my signature, but other than that I don't track. I am doing the fat smash diet. I have a list of things I can have and what quantities. I know that list and if it's not on it, then I don't eat it. Seems strict but more foods are added in each phase and you can have anything in the last phase in the right quantity. I love that I know what I can and I can't have. I like not having to count anything or write stuff down. I just make good choices. So far it is working quite well.
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I oftn do it mentally but i try to use "tap and track" on my iphone. I love it. calories right at my fingertips! plus it gives me something to do while running!!!
It has a graph of my weight too. loovee

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