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doing it right this time
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Default Roadblocks

I haven't posted on here for a while, but I'm beginning to feel desperate and alone and know that this is one place where I've always gotten the advice I needed to hear.

My life has been a comedy of errors (minus the comedy) the last year. I mustered to strength to leave a 4yr (very unhealthy) relationship, my parents got divorced, i moved 6 times in 7mos (including moving halfway across the country from NYC to Omaha). My goal during this point was MAINTAIN MAINTAIN MAINTAIN. Work in your inside, that's what the fix-it priority is. I did. And I am so proud of myself for that.

I began a new relationship, A stressful new job, trying to make friends, get used to the area... And about 10-15lbs crept back on. Working out became unbearably painful. I went to the Dr- I have mono, a severe vitamin D deficiency, and carpal tunnel.

It hurts to function. But the weight is creeping back on. Im freaking out and no one really seems to understand my paralytic fear of seeing that big bad 2 in front of the other digits. Help!!!

What do I do?!
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First...just breathe. You survived a heck of a bad time. Be proud of that. And make a vow to yourself that you will NOT see the "2" you dread.

Start with examining what you've let slip, food-wise, recently. Eating out too much? Not paying attention to what you're eating? Nip the bad habits in the bud to stop the backward slide.

Did you work out before everything went crazy on you? If so, get back in the swing of things as soon as you're healthy enough to do it. Start slow if you have to and work up.

Just take proactive steps to get back on track.
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on the way to skinny
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Well, I lost 66 pounds originally before I got way off track without even working out at all. I'd say focus mainly on your diet. Maybe make sure you're eating the right amount of the right things first, and worry about exercise later.

What do you usually do to exercise? Is it low impact things? If it's not, maybe you should switch to low impact exercises for a while and see if that helps.

Also, I know you're in a stressful situation, but try and give yourself an hour a day alone, to do something that you enjoy. Either meditate or read a book or watch some TV, anything that will help you fight the stress. Sometimes stressing out can lead to weight gain, and so anything you can do to help center yourself would be good.

Just keep your eyes on the goal and I'm sure you'll do fine!
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Lifes a Journey
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I always tell myself this because it's true. You sometimes have to take a HUGE step back in order to make 10 steps forward. The things I see you've written about isn't a road block, they're just big pot holes you need to find a away around to continue on.

You've completed the first step and realizing you need to move forward, now the second step is trying to get back on track to the right path. Who cares if you gained 15 pounds again, you will lose those again. Don't think omg I almost hit the 2's again because you DIDN'T you stopped it before it could happen so good for you. No need to get depressed or upset about the 15 pound gain either. Just from this day move forward! You've already dumped some extra baggage which was leaving an unhealthy relationship. As for your parents divorce it sometimes happens, don't let that bring you down they still love you the same apart as they did when they were together. As for the other stuff things will fall into place, just work on you, keep positive and good things will start to happen!
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