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Default Graveyarders?

Been trying to think in my head how I would go about trying to have somewhat of a eating routine. Ya see, I work 10pm-6am 4 nights a week, which means I'm sleeping during the day. I usually lay down around noon or 1pm, if I'm tired, I won't wake up until 8PM.

Is there Anyone else out there who has a night shift job and can share your experience on how a work day mixed with healthy lifetstyle works for you?
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I usually work 3rd shift 1200 - 8:00 4 or 5 times a month. I don't chage my eating at all. Breakfast when you get home at 6 or 7, lunch betwen 12 - 1, and then dinner at 7 pm.
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I work 9pm to 9am three nights a week. Have done so for 10 years (well, about half that time I was working 11pm to 9am four nights a week).

I usually have a cup of coffee (half decaf) at home before heading in to work, I eat an apple and some almonds on the drive in, have a meal at work before mid-night, another around 3am, and then a meal in the morning. may have a snack of fruit at home before I go to bed or while I'm taking the dogs for their walk.

I don't get enough sleep on my work days, usually only about 4 hours. Sleep is really important but I've never mastered that angle.

About 2 years ago there was a short lived shiftworkers support group here. It's hard to lose weight working the graveyard shift. I think I'm the only one left from that group...
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I work 10pm to 8am 4 to 5 days a week... I've always just eaten like a normal person, just at the opposite time of the day. Breakfast when I wake up/before I go in, lunch around 12am to 1am, snack around 3 or 4, then dinner when I get home around 9 to 10am. I go to bed around 10 to 11, and wake at 8.

*shrug* It's worked for me!
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I work from 10pm to 7am five days a week for the past three and half years. I try to wak up at 8Pm and have a good breakfast because I won't eat again till midnight. I try for 2 eggs or a open face peanut butter sandwich. Something with a little fat and proten.
At midnight I have fruit, most always 2 bananas.
2Am lunch, normally I take my lunch and eat it with another fruit. (strawberries or grapes..something I can split with my BF) This will be my bigest meal.
5am..break...another fruit.
I get off at 7...IF I'm starving and I'll be awake for more than 3 hours, I'll eat something. Something light with little carbs and fat. If I know I'll be awake for longer than three hours I will most always eat a little something.
If I'm going right to bed or I'm so tired I know I won't do any workouts or running about town...and jus lazing in front of the tv...I won't eat anything. I'm in bed by 11..1 pm at the very latest.
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Thank you so much for sharing how you guys work things out, I can't tell you how much it will help me

Eating 2 or 3 times while at work won't be an issue at all for me; I'm a clerk a hotel and lately especially, the hotel has sold out by midnight, so I pretty much have nothing to do til around 5am, then that's when I need to start gathering my personal items and paperwork.

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