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Default Circulation and Bruising

So as I've been getting thinner/lighter, I've also been noticing two things. The first is that my circulation (which wasn't great to begin with) has tanked, to the point where a more than five minute ride in the car results in both of my legs falling asleep. The other is that I bruise ridiculously easy (again, this was true to some extent before, but is now extreme). Because they were both problems before I'm not terribly concerned about them, but losing weight does come with a certain expectation of being more functional/more pretty, and this is making me a little less of both.

Has anyone else noticed this being correlated to their weight loss? The very non-scientific explanation that occurs to me is that the less fat I have the less there is protecting my insides from the outside, but I don't know if this has any bearing or not.
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You could be lacking in some vitamins and minerals, I would suggest seeing your doctor.
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Thats an iron issue, is it not?
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I would definitely agree with yossarian, sounds like it could be related to iron-deficiency anemia.
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i have always had bruising problems but it has not changed at all since beginning to lose weight. i agree that you might not be getting enough nutrients, make sure you take a multivitamin or go over your diet to see if you need to add in some type of food. my circulation is also kind of bad (my feet and hands are constantly cold) but again this hasn't changed. you should see a doctor and get a check up to see where all your levels are at.
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Bruising sounds like anemia. I bruise insanely easy, and I have suffered from bouts of anemia since I was a baby. (They couldn't get me to drink the baby formula with iron it.)

I would see a doctor, though, even if it's not anemia. There may be something else going on.

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i am anemic as well and do experience bruising quite easily but no circulation problems. Are you also tired/cold a lot? i would deffinately say go to a doctor and get it checkout out! its probably something minor but better to be safe!
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I've experienced lots of bruises too... sometimes it just seems like they come out of nowhere?! I haven't really had any circulation problems that I've noticed. I'll go ahead and sing with the choir though: you could def. go to the doctor just to be safe
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I just started noticing this with me as well! I have poor circulation sometimes my fingers go completely white when I get cold(no blood). I also tend to have iron-deff anemia at times. I plan on talking with the doc because it has tended to get worse now that I have been trying a different workout.
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Typically, Paresthesia (having limbs "fall asleep") is caused by pressure on a nerve, not lack of blood. I mean it CAN be due to lack of blood, but more often it is lack of nerve communication between the limb and your spine. Perhaps since you've lost weight their isn't as much of a "cushion"/distribution of force and more pressure is being put on your nerves?

There are a couple of things that can cause chronic paresthesia so if it really is occurring that often you might want to see a doctor.

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Go to the doctor. Don't put it off. They may put you on a multivitamin or have you take an iron suppliment. Most likely, that would take care of it. However, bruising super-easy like that could be a sign of something way more serious. You doc can rule out the horrible stuff like leukemia. My aunt had a similar problem as you. They give her a B-12 shot when it gets bad and she's fine again.
I'm no doctor, but it's better safe than sorry.
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Smile Me too!


I agree, go to the doctor.
However, just FYI. I generally had poor circulation (frigid feet) and bruised easily when I was bigger. I thought it would get better as I lost weight. The circulation hasnt changed but I now bruise even easier. I have been to a doctor and had it all checked out- there is nothing wrong, I just bruise like a peach.
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same here, my fingers/toes go white in the winter, and I'm always cold. It sucks! I take a vitamin too. But I find I'm bruising more easily just because my bones are closer to surfaces such as counter tops.... those corners get me every time.
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I have always bruised very easily, even though I have never tested as anemic. My mom is the same way (we used to poke her *gently* and laugh and say "there's a bruise"). We have both found it gets a lot better when taking a B-vitamin complex. I notice the change in as little as a week--I stop taking it, and suddenly my legs and arms are covered in bruises again. I start taking it, and the old bruises clear right up, and no new ones!
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