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Default Advice for the Weekend!!!

Okay girls I need some advice.

i usually do really well during the week of eating right and working out but when it comes the weekends im terrible. Especially right now with this weather.

Do you guys have any suggestions of what to do?
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I try to keep myself occupied, and while I'm out and about I make sure to take healthy snacks with me so I'm not tempted to hit McDonald's. Maybe that'll work for you?

Also, I used the money I would have normally spent on junk food on something nice for myself, like a necklace. It's the weekend, you deserve to treat yourself, but do it right.

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Hi kishajane!

I actually have kind of the same problem. During the week I stick to my routine because it fits in my schedule perfectly (at least when I'm in school) and then the weekend comes and I feel lazy and like eating ice cream.
However, I do have a very active father and that helps a lot. I usually try and go for a run with him, something I with never do on my own on the weekend.

So, maybe you can find a weekend buddy to help you keep motivated?

Or stay at home and try to break a sweat doing something a little bit more fun like dancing to any kind of tune. Maybe this will not burn as many calories as you would like but every calorie counts right?

Regarding food I'm not really the right person to give advice... :P
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I usually go to the gym immediately when I wake up so I get it out of the way and feel good about myself.

Eating wise, I have yet to figure that one out because it's definitely not the same as the weekdays because you have more free time!
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Thank you for all of the support. I did pretty good this weekend the weather was really nice so i was able to get out of the house and stay active.

I really like the idea of using the junk food money for me to spend later...
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This is the same problem we all have. The week is usually easy because we're busy with work or school but the weekends are so tempting, especially if you go out with friends.

Everyone's suggestions are pretty dead on. Keep yourself busy... take snacks with you. I have been known to take a healthy alternative to a movie in my purse so I wouldn't give in to candy or popcorn.

Find something that really motivates you to stay on track. For instance, if you have a small goal and you reach it you treat yourself to something. Maybe if you eat right for a whole month, INCLUDING weekends, you get a "freebie" meal one weekend. That kind of thing.

Hang in there, it's not just you!
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I just don't try to be as strict on the weekends as during the week--who wants to nibble carrots when your boyfriend is downing curly fries? I just leave a little more leeway than usual--like 1800 calories instead of 1600--and pick the important indulgences. Like, I don't really care about the pizza, but I will swan dive into the after-dinner chocolate cake. If I just snack all day on junk I know that cake just won't taste as good.
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If your problem on the weekends is eating a lot or eating unhealthy foods, one thing I do is keep a few frozen meals on hand so I can pop one in the microwave when I don't feel like cooking. Healthy Choice recently came out with an "All Natural" selection of frozen meals...they're made with whole grains, EVOO, no other words, it's good wholesome food with no added crap Most of them range between 200-300 calories, so I usually add a salad, extra veggies, lowfat cottage cheese, or some other side food to make it more filling (yet within a good calorie range for one meal). They're not as expensive as some other frozen meals (like Lean Cuisines) I can normally get them for $1.88 each.
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