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Default Need some hope...

I've been slowly loosing weight since oct. of 2007. I was at 140, and am now solidly at 127. I have been at this number for about 6 months or so, but still am not happy with my body. I can't seem to loose any more weight, and I don't know what to do!

I've been thinking about taking diet pills to see if that would help. Any honest opinions on that? I exercise regularly, eating between 1400 - 1600 calories a day. Some days I'm over, some days I'm under. Depends on how I feel.

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Do you have weight training as part of your exercise routine? I hate lifting at the gym like the plague, but when I swallow my pride and do it, I'm always surprised at the results! The tone and definition it gives me (especially in my upper body) is even more satisfying than watching the scale tick down.

I really need to start lifting again... Uhg!
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Let's do this!
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I think you need to try really hard not to tie in your happiness with your body with the scale.

I was in such a hellish mindset when I hit goal because i had lost all that weight and couldn't even wear a bikini!!

It wasn't until I stopped associating my body image with the scale that I really appreciated the progress and thought I looked pretty damn good. Just my experience.
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This is not a test.
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Dont go for the diet pills! There lies disaster. Natural is the way to go, maybe try switching up your exercise or throwing in something new to stress your body?
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Congratulations on your weight loss (and maintenance!) and congratulations on your patience and determination. One big upside of taking the slow road to weight loss is that you get some built-in maintenance. The folks who lose weight quickly sadly often gain it back even quicker.

I don't think diet pills are a sustainable way to lose weight. They might temporarily help you lose a few pounds but they will stress your body (increase cortisol) and set it up for rebound gain. And lots of pills have been taken off the market recently because they include unsafe ingredients that weren't even labeled.

I would also vote for looking at your exercise routine and thinking about ways to switch it up. In particular, try to include resistance training/weights if you don't already.

If that really isn't an option for you, you could double check your calorie counts to make sure you are accurate (being over by a little bit at your slim weight would make further progress difficult to see). Maybe try sticking to under 1500 calories except for planned treat days.

But again, I do think exercise is the way to go.

Good luck!

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I definitely wouldn't take diet pills! I have also been reading about how they've pulled them from the shelves in the USA for having unsafe ingredients!

What are you eating? I know you say the number of calories, but, where are they coming from? How many servings of fruits and veggies are you having in a day? Are you drinking enough water? Are you drinking diet soft drinks? In some people they can actually make you gain/maintain weight loss. Exercise is good, but we've all had it drilled into us by now... 80% of weight loss is your diet. How about prepackaged foods? You are getting really close to goal, so you might have to amp up your diet to get those last 8 pounds off. You can totally do it!!

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Thanks ladies

I usually alternate running with 30DS for exercise.

I do drink diet pop, to much! I suppose I could try cutting that out. And I do my best to eat as many whole foods as possible, avoiding the packaged stuff. Fruits and veggies are plentiful, water - not so much.

So - new work outs, more water, less pop, better control of calories!

I hope this helps
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Work in progress
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I would try to incorporate more weight training. Have you considered hiring a personal trainer? they could help you work out a system to help get you closer to the body you want.

Also, have you considered just switching up your exercise routine in general? Maybe take a new class (belly dancing, hip hop dancing, that "hot room" yoga I keep hearing about, kick boxing) or take up a new hobby for the summer (hiking, rock climbing, biking, marathon running)... just something new to kick your body into a new gear? If you are always doing the same routine, maybe it's time to switch it up.

Just a suggestion. Good luck. You have done an amazing job so far! Keep it up!
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New BodyBugger!
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NO DIET PILLS! That's bad news. Take these tidbits of advice and start there. I am guessing it isn't actual weight loss you want to see, but rather definition. Pump that iron girl!

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Right - the number on the scale is just fine. I just want to loose the fat and gain the muscle!

I think I'll take a new exercise class this summer on campus It's been a while since I've done one of those.

Thanks for all the tips ladies!!!
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Maintaining :)
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OK, I'm 50+ but I'm your same height. DO NOT take diet pills. Examine your exercise routine, and stick to your eating program. Seriously. You CAN drop those last few lbs. My goal was 130, and I actually dropped an extra 10 lbs. just by continuing with my weight training and trying to find my maintenance level of calories. Don't give up.
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Diet pills are never a good answer!!!! Please don't fool around with them! Did you see a hydroxy pill was taken off the shelves about a week ago in response to the FDA requesting that, because people died or got very ill as a result of taking them???!!!
Definitely I think that toning up would probably be a good idea for you--- but be careful you don't sink into any ED behaviors sweetie
I am your same weight and height roughly and struggle with feeling I'm, well not fat but more like chubby-ish, like I can pinch and inch, you know? I know my problem is not nearly enough if any exercise these days. I need to tone up big time!!!! Thats my big project every summer break lol!
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