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Default Treadmill users

I know this is an exercise question but I'm curious about those in the 20 something range so I posted it here.
What speed do you like to walk at? How long? Do you incline at all? Do you do intervals of walking and running? If so, what speed are you at when you "run".

I just got my own treadmill (again) on Friday but I like to walk at about a 3.5-3.7 and run around 5.5-6.2. I never run on an incline because I get this slipping feeling. I walk on an incline every now and then. I like to do the couch to 5k intervals to a point. I might walk longer once and run longer the next time.

I'm hoping to be able to run faster soon and more frequently. I'd like to get at least 2.5 miles done in 30 mins and I'm so darn close!

I like to have my 3lb hand weights when I am doin the walking intervals and I do all kinds of exercises with them along with just having them by my side as I walk. It helps my heart rate go up and stay up.

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I have a really hard time running on a treadmill. I worked my way up to six miles in an hour on our local track. I was able to work my way up to speedwalking on the treadmill at 4.3. When I would jog on it, I tried to do 5.3. If I want a full out sprint, I try to go 9 at least and beyond. I just love being outside and have always had a hard time mentally running on a treadmill.
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This is not a test.
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I dont know if the speed interval levels are the same here, but when i run on the treadmill I'm usually around about level 7.8, and when i want to walk I put it on around 5.6. I never use the incline because Im lazy xD And the quarter marathon I plan to run is on the flat anyway.
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I do the same speeds as you, Linsey. Sometimes if I don't feel like running at all I up the walk to 4 mph. I walk on the "3" (of 10) position of the incline but drop it to zero to run. I really feel the pain in my calves the next day if I try to run on an incline Usually I do 2 miles in 25 minutes every other day, though I've had a particularly bad TOM this week and haven't hopped on since Wednesday :/
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I've been running an hour (which is exactly 5 miles) each day for the past 2 days. I hope I can keep it up, although my muscles are feeling tired today. I'm happy at 5 mph with no incline because I don't want to bulk up my muscles. My legs are thick enough as it is! Even though it's only been 2 days, my legs already seem slimmer. I hope it's not in my head LOL

Icon - New Zealand probably uses km instead of mi for speed. I've been running 8.0 km/hr which is 5 mi/hr.
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i don't run.
I walk 4 km/hour.
IT's not fast, might be a little slow for other people. But i just like how it is.

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