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Default Is this strange?

Ok, I don't know how some people feel about this, but it seems to work for me so i've been doing it for some time. But my family seems to think that its giving me a unhealthy views about what beauty is and whatnot.
Whenever Im online I like to keep a tab open of some pretty actress or model, so I can think to myself, wow I want that body and eating/working out the way I am isn't getting me there. Or I look at my bfs Playboy (although the DO have good articles.)

It keeps me motivated to stick to my diet, but Im embarrassed to tell my bf or my friends.
Is it wrong?
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Nothing. Do whatever works to keep you motivated. I will pause the TV to show my bf if there's a girl that I think is pretty and I want to look like. Lol. He then tells me that having her arms or being that skinny is totally realistic and how good I'm doing and to keep working hard. Sorry about the ramble. A lot of us keep a celeb role model involved for motivation. You aren't strange!
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thinspiration!! lol
i look at pictures like that all the time.. it helps keep me motivated, i dont see anything wrong with it. In reality. not everyone is going to look like those girls, but its possible to be just as hot.
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Nonsense. It is completely normal. Not everybody is going to be inspired by the simple fact of becoming healthier. I keep a pic up on my fridge of what I use for my avatar. When I go to grab for that extra cup of juice or second helping of leftovers, sometimes it keeps my hunger at bay.
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whatever keeps you on track... you're not hurting yourself or anybody else so...
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That's silly! Maybe they don't get it, but it works for you. I actually have a folder on my desktop titled "this is why you workout" & it has pictures of Britney, Carmen Electra, etc. so that when I feel lazy, I can look at those pictures & remember that that is my goal. Not weird at all - it's just motivation!
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I agree! I'm always using other people as inspiration, although I don't want to be exactly like them.
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I agree that if something keeps you motivated, then save it as your goal. I, for example, don't use photos of persons but of dresses to keep me motivated. I have started saving many size 16 photos I find on the net. A dress, or two will be my big reward when I reach my mini goal on 90kg. It is what keeps me going!
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The Playboy models are comparatively healthy--they generally have more meat on their bones than the runway models or pop-starlets. There's nothing wrong with keeping "thinspiration" pictures around. It's positive motivation, not like unhealthy self-flagellation. I'm sure you can tell the difference between realistic and unrealistic goals (Catherine Zeta Jones--doable, Kate Moss--not so much). As long as you don't start hating yourself for not looking like these models, don't worry about it.
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I put silly little banners on my cellphone like "eat well" or "make good decisions".

It keeps me motivated. And so does looking at thinner, pretty women.
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