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give me back my bones!
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Default Wii Fit!

So, I bought myself a Wii Fit with some of my scholarship money. Apparently, my "Wii Fit age" is 39, despite the fact that I am 27. Yeesh. I read a blog where some guy lost 10.8 lbs in 7 weeks using Wii Fit, so I am hoping that I can use it to knock out the last of that weight I am trying to lose. I have put on a couple of pounds due to TOM in the past couple of days, and that makes me at, like, 5 pounds over where I was before the holidays. I couldn't even face signing in here for awhile because in meant changing my tickers.

I decided just not to change the tickers, and to know that 2-3 lbs. is just TOM water weight, and hopefully, I will have lost the other 2-3 by the time TOM is over. Wii Fit should help me get back into exercise, now that the holidays are over, the semester has started, and it is time to create my new routine for Spring Semester.

I am graduating in May, and have decided that my ultimate goal is to be down to goal weight (between 105-110) by May 9, graduation day, if not earlier. This GUT has got to go!!!
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I have the wii fit, I got it the week it came out. I love it. It is so much fun, with a lot of the games you don't realize you are working out. I want to get Jillian from Biggest Losers workout for wii fit.
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Fit and Fine in '09
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We have the Wii Fit too. I just started using it again. I had forgotten how much fun it is and really how much it works you out. I don't even mind my family watching me while I do it.
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DH has been talking about getting this for us but I wasnt too sure. Glad to hear that lots of people like it!
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I want a Wii Fit so badly! I have been looking for one for about a month and they are sold out everywhere. Even when stores get a shipment in, they're sold out within an hour. It sucks!

I finally found a Wii online though. I ordered it Friday, and it will be here by Thursday. I'm so excited. I've heard that even some of the Wii games help you burn calories.
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Oh gosh, I got the Wii fit for Xmas and it's sooo much fun! My dad was doing pushups or something on it and after he was done it was like I know you took a break! Lol, my has technology changed! I can't wait to get the Jillian workout programs!
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Love the Wii Fit!

I have the Jillian game. It's gotten some bad reviews because of the graphics, but I've never been a big video game person, so that doesn't bother me. All I know is the Jillian game makes me sore for days after I do it! That's all I really ask from a video game work out.
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My uncle has Wii Fit. He said he likes it and finds it to be more entertaining than anything else. lol.

It seems fun but a little overpriced for something I can do with a workout video or in the gym.
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OMG I LOVE THIS THING! Its so fun! Its funny because it makes your Wii (character)'s size based on how much you weigh.. so if you are a little overweight it makes your Wii a little wider! I can't wait to see my Wii get slimmer. Today I got on it at around 3 and it told me to watch my afternoon snacks lol!
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