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Default I'm proud of myself for

reasons I wouldn't think I'd be proud of myself for when on a "diet". (I hate that word...lifestyle change is better right?)

I was on plan. The first few days I was getting back into it I was confused and ate like 1700 cals but worked off 400-500 so I was ok in cal range. Then after I decided I wanted to be at 1350 before working out I stuck to that too.
I didn't eat candy, cake, or junk of any sort all week. (Not even chips...but I just realized that.)

I worked out everyday from Sat-Thurs and burned a darn good amount of cals in 45 mins and under. I weighed myself yesterday morning and was down 3 pounds. I set myself up for 2 pounds a week so I was super excited when I saw 3 had left.

I knew Friday wasn't going to be good. My hubby and I are off Fridays so we had planned lunch and a movie the 9th clear back around Christmas time. (Before I was on plan.) I love the oriental chicken roll up at applebees and we haven't been there since Aug so I planned on getting that from the moment we planned this lunch. Even though I know it's loaded with cals I still had my heart set on it. I was even going to let myself have popcorn at the movie because that's something we do only once every 4-6 months if that and it's a special treat. Plus, I had been SOOOO good all week.

Well, plans changed and my hubby's gpa had to have triple bypass surgery yesterday morning. So, we nixed the movie but planned on still eating lunch at applebees. We had to be at the hosp. at 8 so I packed an orange and bottle of water and was going to take it easy to leave room for those big cals. Well, I peeled my orange and it was completely black inside. I was bummed. But I didn't head to the tray of cookies in the waiting room...just drank my water and stayed hungry. Then for some nutso reason I allowed myself to go down and get a skim caramel macchiato from the coffee shop. Which I also hadn't had in awhile.

Then we went to lunch and I ordered what I'd been craving and I felt ok with it. Normally I hate myself the whole time I'm eating it but I was good with letting myself treat myself 1 day out of 7. It won't kill me right?

Instead of going to the movie and splurging on popcorn I bought 30 Day Shred so I could get right back on plan this morning with a new video. Another treat. And when we got back we gathered with all of hubby's family from out of town and had a few drinks.

I ended up going over by almost 1000 cals with the drinks and lunch but you know what, I'm ok with that. It was one day and now I'm getting ready to go do my new video and I have all day to be home so I'm even going to do another one later to try to make up for not doing one yesterday. I'll be ok, I've done it before.

Just had an a ha moment where I really can let myself go 1 day and not totally throw the towel in. I'm human and I deserve that right? Every other time I've done this I would've totally freaked and kept on going in the wrong directin because I blew one whole day. Not now. I know better than that.

Wow....sorry that got so long and thanks if you got to the end.
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Good for you! Sometimes when I go over I will take a little bit out of my nutrition for the following week each day to make up for it. Your way is just fine too though.
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I will do this.
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Good for you!!

Sometimes life just happens and we just go with it.

The BIGGEST deal is that you have forgiven yourself and are moving on and continuing this journey tomorrow.
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Congrats for not beating yourself up and getting right back on track. I learned it is the best way to.....You Go Girl
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So close to onederland...
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Great job. One day won't ever ruin the whole thing, the key is getting right back on plan. You've set yourself up for Success!!
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Great job! You're doing awesome.
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I'm so glad you posted all that (of course I read the whole thing, it was interesting)! I needed to hear someone say that it's okay to go over every now and again. I did that really bad the other day, like, to the point where I couldn't bring myself to tally up the calories until a few days after. I had budgeted, so to speak, 1600 and ate 2300.

But you're right. You're all right. Just got to do better and get back on that wagon.

Thanks for posting that, seriously. I feel better.
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Way to go!
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Lynsey, congrats! I actually think that this is the key to losing weight. Like you say, it's a lifestyle change, but when I was trying to lose weight at first, I was very intimidated by that term because I thought it was implying that I could never have treats again. But in fact, it means the opposite. A "lifestyle" refers to how you live your life typically, or on the average day. When we try to be perfect, we don't really change our lifestyle, because it's not maintainable. So I truly think you've found the key, which is just getting back to your regular habits.
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