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Amen! Everyone expressed my thoughts about it perfectly. Losing weight is not a trick - it is a thorough lifestyle change. If you do not make that change the pounds will fly back even quicker than they flew off.

I find it kind of rude that your friend keeps bugging you about this. You do not owe her an explanation but maybe you can say something to shut her up? Like "I am losing weight in a healthy way, and that is kind of slow. But diet pills are generally quite unhealthy, so I will not be taking those. I don't want to talk about it any more. My method is my own, it works for me and I will not be changing it."
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I just want to say how strongly I agree with what everyone has said in this thread.

Without wanting to cause offence to those that do take a diet pill, I honestly believe that the best solution to most weight problems is through a permanent change to lifestyle. Obviously there are exceptions (e.g. where people are dangerously obese and require urgent medical help to lose weight that is posing an imminent threat to their life), but generally, a safe, healthy and permanent lifestyle change is the way to go. That way, you're sorting out the problem that got you to be overweight in the first place, instead of (like hotmamacitax2 said), treating the symptoms. You're taking personal responsibility for your weight loss and you are taking control of the situation. Unlike this other person, you're not pinning your hopes and achievements on something external, like a pill, to make you resolve your issue.

It's a shame, because your friend is probably trying to be well-meaning with her "helpful suggestion", but it's pretty obvious that in this situation, the person who has thought most about what is best for you, is you. It's upsetting that she doesn't seem to be appreciating the excellent changes you are making. You are making wonderful, noticeable progress (congratulations!), and you don't need to lose 8lbs a week - in fact, I think this sounds really unhealthy and a bit scary!
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Amen sistah!

I won't even bother commenting on the stupidity of losing 8 lbs in one week on DIET PILLS... the rest of our ladies have done that for me.
But I'm really proud of you for being able to stand up and say, "What the **** are you talking about? That's a horrible solution." It's really hard not to want to fall victim to the "quick fix" and the fact that you can see... and know that what you're doing is better... well. Kudos, woman.

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AMEN! I would be annoyed too. What you are doing is working and you are comfortable with it. Why would you switch?!
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AMEN I agree with what everyone else said but I also want to add that there was a girl that goes to my college that dropped like 45 lbs over the summer. Everyone tells her she looks great to her face but behind her back her "friends" tell everyone that she took diet pills and she did. I know most of it is because they are jealous she's super skinny but still, you are leaving people with nothing to talk about! She may look good, and she really does, but no one respects the way she did it.
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What I find funny is how yesterday I was home earlier than normal so saw quite a few commercials that they put on during work hours for magical weight loss remedies.
Every Single One Of Them had "With diet and exercise" in small print at some point or another in the commercial.

It is absolutely obvious that you are doing the right thing and you should definately feel proud of your accomplishments and the knowledge that you're doing this the right way. If your "friend" continues to make suggestions about pills, then she either needs to be sat down for a good talking to to straighten out her views or at least stop her from pushing them onto you.... or the worst option is if that doesn't work -- distance. It's hard enough to do what we're all doing here without the negative influences. Take some time so that she remembers what being a friend is about.
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