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Unhappy hello,...and help?

Hello, my name is Ashley. I have (finally) hit rock bottom, I am 20 years old and have gained 50 pounds sence high school (and i was already over weight then too!!) my boyfriend and I plan on getting married in october 2010 so I have about 2 years to loose between 100 and 150 pounds. I am absoultly disgusted with my self and have wanted to do this for a long time, but I have no idea where to start!! does any one have any good fitness routiens, should I join a jym or do at home stuff....I honestly dont know what to do right now...all i know is that im sick of feeling ugly and crying every time i have to go shopping because i cant wear what i want to. i dont know my exact weight but i feel like its around 300 5'10''

i just want to feel beautiful

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It's ok Ashley. You've already made a HUGE step by setting a goal and becoming a part of this forum. No one here goes by the same diet plan, but the main thing is taking in less calories than you use. You can do this by a combination of diet and exercise.

About joining a gym, that's up to you. I don't know if you live in a place where you walk, and there are several great videos that exist. Spend some time looking through the different forums.

A lot of small changes can add up to bid differences. For instance, drinking more water or having lower calorie snacks.

I wish you the best in your weight loss, and I know others will post some great feedback too.
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Awww, Ashley, sweetie!! It's okay! You've come to the ABSOLUTE right place! The ladies here can absolutely give you tons of suggestions and ideas to help you get on track!

FIRST OF ALL... Congratulations on the wedding, you!!! That's really exciting for you! You must be completely thrilled.

Secondly... don't panic. Easier said than done, I know. But here's the good news... this "rock bottom" that you've hit? We've all been there. And for some of us, rock bottom has been an absolute god-send, because it gives you the motivation to get started on changing how you live!

For starters, know that you can do this. Plenty of ladies here have lost as much as 100 lbs, sometimes more, and they can give you tips, tricks and ideas based on how they've lost and are keeping the pounds off! And you CAN lose all this weight and keep it off as well!! Stick around the forums here, and check in constantly, and people here can help keep your motivation and your spirits high, on days when you feel like garbage!

As to where to begin...
You probably need to take a critical eye to your eating habits and current level of exercise. For me... eating fast food, ice cream and chips for a whole day, then guiltily eating vegetables, whole grains and lean meats for one meal before binging out on junk food again wasn't working... especially when combined with taking the bus to campus and driving my car to friends' houses, ensuring I barely had to walk anywhere!

So, if you don't have a SOLID plan of attack for where you want to start, you need to slowly create one that's going to work for you. Joining the gym is a FANTASTIC start. Although, I highly suggest that you start exercising by doing something that you enjoy, and don't push yourself to the point of hating exercise, otherwise you'll give up quickly! Even something as small as grabbing a pedometer, seeing how many steps you take in an average day and setting a goal for yourself to double that number is a good way to begin!

As for your eating habits, are you able to identify trigger foods? Foods that once you start 'em, you just keep eating until you're over-stuffed? (Chips for me. Goood lord, once I open a bag of Ruffles, I'm down for the count.) Planning out healthy meals in advance is a really great way of keeping yourself from grabbing last-minute junk foods as meals.

...uh-oh, I'm gonna be late for class.

SO, and check back OFTEN! You can do this, honey! We're all here for you!!!

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Ashley, you have some wonderful advise in the above threads. I have felt that way about myself and that's the reason I know this time will be different. The gym is a great idea...start slow and move up...remember to do some fun stuff to (like swimming)- it's not all agony there-lol! Post often for we all here to support YOU!
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I just hit my rock bottom too Ashley! I had a baby and gained was disgusting. I completely agree with all the wonderful advice already given to you. Start slow with exercise. I started by taking walks with my MP3 player, and I looked at that more as relax time than exercise. Within weeks of that I started building up a need to exercise more.
My best advice would be to prepare yourself for the emotional aspect of the gym. What I mean by that is be prepared to feel like the "fattest girl there". That scared me away sooo often and I would stop going to the gym because I felt like people were staring at my flab bouncing around. When you start going, try to ignore everyone and concentrate on yourself. This time Im actually continuing at the gym, and the big difference is almost everytime I go I think to myself "THIS IS TEMPORARY! I`LL BE THIN TOO SOON!"
Congratulations on the engagement! You`ll do great! Just keep comming here for sure!
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The other thing to think about is the fact that when I'm at the gym, and I see someone who looks super bashful and shy and uncomfortable, and like they're just starting out the weight-loss attempt...

I'm not thinking, "Gee, they weigh more than me," I'm silently APPLAUDING and CHEERING them on in my head! I'm so proud of people starting that journey towards a healthier life. It's not hard to assume that everyone's judging you... but why would you think that? People who are thinner than you aren't ALWAYS the enemy. Oftentimes, they were at one point the same size as you, have reached a goal (that you can reach too!!!) and are rocking out the maintenance!

If you have one in your area, and you're worried about discomfort at the gym, try joining an exclusively women's gym. I looooove my gym, I don't care if I'm red-faced and feel porky, I'm not trying to impress anyone.

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Start slow and work your way up , its amazing when you see what you can do .
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Ashley! You can do this!!!! If the whole process seems daunting to you, start out with small steps by trying to increase your exercise to say 30-45 min for 3-4 days a week, increase your water intake, and try to eat more veggies and lean meats. Set mini-goals for yourself -- achieving those mini-goals will help you achieve your ultimate goal. I have faith in you!

Good luck on your weight-loss journey! You're definitely in the right place for advice and motivation. These ladies inspire me everyday!

Congratulations on your engagement!

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You can DOOO IT!
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Hi Ashley!
100 to 150 pounds is COMPLETELY doable in two years! No sweat! Even if you just lose 1 pound a week, you will meet that goal. The first step is yours to make. Go for a walk at lunchtime, get active by cleaning your house or gardening, just take the first step! I promise, once youtake the first step, each step after that will get easier. The important thing is not to try to change everything all at once. Baby steps... Welcome to 3FC! Post often on the forums, it helps push me through those hard times!
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I agree with everyone. ALSO

having a support system is crucial, it's very hard to do alone. This forum has been my life line. Outside of here though, tell your fiance about yours goals, tell your freinds, etc. etc. IT's so helpful to have friends around you that are encouraging you!
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It took me forever to tell my bf, I didn't sit down and talk about it or anything but I just said that I'm learning how to be healthier here and these girls are great with advice and any problems/bad days. I've let him in on how much calories stuff has and what I can have in a day.. it really helps because on days I just wanna stuff my face he goes "how many calories is that?" and its like accountability I can't get away from. He never makes me feel like I shouldn't eat it, just makes me think about what I'm eating. And I end up writing down "handful of doritos.. 100 calories" I totally agree with garstar that this is a great place to be, but there should be someone you feel comfortable talking to about the change in your lifestyle.
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Ashley, You can definitely do this! You have very reasonable goals!! You just need to pick a diet plan and sick to it! Don't do fad diets.. they are plenty to choose from.. Im personally on weight watcher and love it! But the first thing I would do is get on the scale..even though you probably don't want too.. just to now where you started so you know what progress you've made! and I would take my measurements.. bc if you don't always lose weight your probably losing inches!! And tell the people are you closest too what you are doing.. so they can help.. and get on the forums a lot!! They really help!! Stay strong!!
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Great advice already here.

I would suggest starting off slow. Concentrate on one thing first and then gradually add in the other, whether it be exercise or your eating habits.

For me personally, I try to conentrate on my eating first. Try to figure out what triggers me to eat badly, or what I need to eliminate. Start adding in healthy foods and cut back on the bad things like soda and chips. Once you start on that, then maybe try adding in some light exercise and walking.

Then keep making small changes until you feel like you can do everything and be successful. Make healthy foods, use protein and fiber to fill you up (apples with 2 tbsn natural peanut butter is a great fill-me-up snack!). Then start adding in more cardio exercising (walking at a moderate pace, treadmill, workout videos, ellipticals, jogging). Don't forget to do a few days of some light strength training as well! Muscle makes you metabolism jump start and it helps to burn fat.

That's my advice! i find that if I start everything at once and try to be militant about it, then I really set myself up for failure.

Also, if you can trust yourself not to binge on your favorite "bad" food, then you should try to allow yourself a small portion of what you like. Don't deprive if you can help it.
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