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What did you have surgery for? If it was weight loss surgery then I think that is to be expected. If it was another surgery that might effect your digestive system, such as gallbladder removal that also might be expected (I lost weight really fast after my gallbadder was removed because I couldn't digest food properly). If the surgery was totally unrelated then it might be problematic because something might be off and you might want to consult with your doctor.
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I just had my tubes tied. Nothing major. And, for some reason, I feel like I eat all the dang time! except for in the morning I am eating about every three hours. Really, some days I feel like a pig, add it all up and it can get as high as 1800...a few 2000 calorie days. And then some binges too. Not like I'm perfect or anything. I guess the high days balance out. Do you think tube tying can upset hormones enough for that?

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Hey! I can completely relate to your post; I've been worried about something similar with myself... If you do the math for my weight loss (which I guess anyone can do, since all the info is in my sig LOL), it figures to about 3.8 lbs/wk... Actually, it used to figure to about 4 lbs/wk until this week, when I gained 2 lbs for no reason and haven't lost them yet (*grumble grumble*). But no, all joking aside, I've been a little worried about it, too. One the one hand, I'm like **** yeah, I'm losing weight quickly, good for me! but on the other hand I wonder if I might be doing something unhealthy, and that's what's making me lose so quickly. Yet I feel totally fine - completely nourished and not overexerting myself at all - so it doesn't seem there's anything about my routine that I should change... Grr so frustrating! But I just figure that it'll probably taper off eventually as I get closer to goal (in fact, maybe that's why I lost almost nothing this week?) so I'm not too stressed about it. But there's nothing wrong with worrying about losing TOO quickly... It's definitely a legitimate concern!
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