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Default Changing goal

im curious to see how many of us actually change our overall goals as we near completion....
i know mines changed, has anybody elses?....
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I CAN do it!!
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I definitely agree. I had said 20lbs would be my goal, but now that's done and I'm not near feeling as healthy and fit as I can be, so I've set it for another 15lbs.

I think sometimes we underestimate how much change we can really do and I know for me, it's easier to aim low and succeed than to aim too high and maybe not such a great way to think...

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I've done it. For a while I just wanted 195, then changed to 185, then 175, now its 160; not that I'm anywhere near any of my goals. But you know...
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I've changed my original goal was 150...........Yesterday I weighed myself and I was at I know it's possible to be less.......So now I've reset my goal to 145...I think the lowest would be 140...A lot of my friends and coworkers are saying I look great now and if I lose much more I may look
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I wonder about my goal too, especially when I see people of my height with a lower one. But, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Just getting to goal will be such an accomplishment, that I can't even begin to imagine the feeling- both of success, and the physical feeling of how I will look! So, for now, that is my seems far enough away, there's no way I'm lowering it!!!
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S/C/G: 180/ticker/129 or so =)

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I'm not a twenty-something, but I'd like to chip in...

I view my goal weight as a tool. I originally picked a conservative goal weight that was lower than I'd been in recent years, within the BMI normal range, and seemed achievable. Primarily, I wanted a goal weight that I felt was reasonable.

I reached it, and immediately reset it 10 lbs lower. I was happy to reach that goal, but now I know I can look better and be healthier at a lower weight. So, I am using the new goal weight as motivation to see how well I can adjust to a lower weight and find out how I will look and feel at that point.

But if I don't reach my new goal weight, I won't consider myself a failure. I am looking for the weight that makes me comfortable, and if that is higher (or lower) than my current goal, then so be it.
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I have changed mine, I went from wanting to be 160, then changed it to 150 but now I am wanting to be about 140!
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lost in translation
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I originally wanted to be 120, and now I am pretty much there, but I continue to lose at a very slow pace.
I've grown pretty attached to my healthy lifestyle. I realized that I enjoy shopping for and preparing (and eating) good foods, and exercise cheers me up, usually.
I'm going to keep exercising and eating well, and if I lose more weight great, and if I don't, that is also fine!
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Hah! I still have my "goal" but honestly, I don't really believe I'll ever reach it because my body has found it's "happy weight" and I can't seem to shift "these last few pounds" so I'll keep the crazy goal up to inspire me to continue striving and not be complacent, but I consider myself more or less at goal.
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