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Default weekends my downfall

the weekends are my problems....
i dont move as much as i do during the weekdays so weight loss is maintained and not increased....
so, im looking for reasons to move....

i still workout as i do during the week....
still climb stairs numerous times as im in bedroom majority of days....
eat the same as during the week....
but im always looking for extra activities that could increase my loss....
like walking around the shops....

i feel i have to be active for most of the forthcoming week....
if i dont want to gain....
i am on holidays....

anyone else experience more gain/maintenance on weekends....
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usually gain on the weekends, due to a couple of reasons, my parents buy pastries/cakes for saturday or sunday or both lunchtimes, they usually get fresh bakes rolls/bread.. afterwork I come home to dinner, usually pasta, lowfat mayo and tuna. or pasta meatballs/garlic bread
then sat evenings we usually have a sweet (like a choc bar etc)

Sunday is less I guess, cept mum bakes a couple of pizzas and wedges.
If they dont get the extra crap I can stick to my plan or if Im working extra evenin shifts then I tend to eat less.. till I get home :P
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Not that any of you want to hear this, but I feel that I'm quite the opposite on weekends. During the week, all I do is sit at work..granted, I do go to the gym in the evenings, but the I go home, make dinner and relax for the evenings. Weekends are my free time, and I get to work out at the gym more, walk, hit the beach, and as of late, go to the pools where I can swim laps (which feels GREAT!) I'm not looking forward to the weather getting cooler in the near future because I'm fearing a drop in my activeness, but I live for the weekends- they are what give me that extra boost I think.
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I'm with you on the weekends being a bad time. Mainly bc that's when I end up going out to eat-which is where I run into problems. Bc I have trouble making healthy choices while eating out. I feel like I'm being cheated out of my money if I order salads (I'm weird I know). So I usually end up eating something that, yes tastes delicious, but isn't such a great choice for me. But weekends are my most active time I think as I go for really long walks when weather permits.

I jsut really have to work on controling my calorie intake while eating out.
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