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I really appreciate everyone's response and advice. It made me realize that if I don't want to, I don't have to explain myself. I have 3FC to guide me along the way

Star2Be, my friends are very similar to yours. Most of my friends are either thin or very fit, and they like to eat a lot. They're mainly guys. I hang out with maybe 1 or 2 female friends, but it's a rare occasion. We usually go get some pizza at a place that doesn't serve the healthiest options or the dreaded taco bell. I usually end up getting a 7 layer burrito without cheese or sour cream, which is the best option I could find to fit my lifestyle. I usually open it up and eat the insides and forgo the tortilla (that actually gets my friends questioning, but I tell them some weird explanation). My friends also like for us to get together and cook. Their idea of cooking is to put cheese on almost everything (pasta, veggies, bread, etc). I try to make myself a plate before they go cheese crazy. When they ask, I usually tell them that the ingredients in the cheese didn't specify whether or not there was rennet in it. That usually gets them to change the subject. It's still tough though, I try to get us to do things as far away from food as possible. We usually end up going to the park and walking around for a few hours, which is wonderful exercise.
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Hi All, I always tell my friends that i am eating healthy food. And i am firm with my answer if somebody offers me junk food like chips i just say NO thank you. And the magical words...I am opting for healthy foods these days. Even if some one is skinny can opt to eat healthy food. All you have to say is no to junk food. I like to put a 100 cal snack or a fruit in my bag when ever i go out with my friends.This works for me. Hope it does to you too. I never think as dieting diets don't work. I think as eating healthy with right portion.
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This is not a test.
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sometimes people are surprising though! I told my friend i was going to the gym...and she was like "you're going to be a lean, mean, fighting machine!" i was like, yep i am i suppose it depends on how well you know the person, as to whether you want to tell them or not
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Me too! This is the only group of people I have really mentioned it to. If its uncomfortable for you, then this is the group for you for sure. I think it's pretty common among us.
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