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This is not a test.
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i've started to dislike sweets too...maybe its because now we know how little goodness there is in them? I sort of start to resent foods XD like, how dare they taste so good and make me fat!
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I went off my plan a week ago when out at the beach for Canada Day with DH and kids.

Mostly out of control snacking.....dipping chips instead of veggies in *my* veggie dip.....and what did it get me???

Food poisoning

Since then I've been on the BRAT diet - bananas, rice, apples and toast.

Oh and lots of immodium.

Good times!
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Almost every week! hehe
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This is not a test.
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i guess the more we fall off, the better we get at getting back on
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all the time. thats why i've only lost 13lbs so far.
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Ok, so I'm weak. Today, I woke up in just a crappy mood. I didn't make breakfast like I normally do and by the time lunch came around, I hadn't eaten. I was mad at my kids for peeing on the floor in the bathroom and I just got in the car and went to McDonalds. I couldn't handle it anymore. Luckily, I only had $2 with me and couldn't totally binge. I got a double cheeseburger and ate it faster than anyone should eat.

I've felt like crap for the rest of the afternoon. My stomach is sour, I don't feel like eating anything and I really don't want to go workout (not that I'll get the chance anyway, DH is out at the gym right now and they close in 1/2hour)! Grrrrr! I just feel like I've let myself down. I thought I was stronger than this........

Tomorrow is a new day, I guess.
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Tomorrow IS a new day. I did well all day today until after dinner. I had a small serving of ice cream (which is fine - I do that a couple times a week), but then when my BF got home at 9 PM and hadn't eaten I felt like I HAD to eat with him. What did we have? Nachos. After a whole day of eating well, I had to go and ruin it. Again. Third day in a row.

Tomorrow is a new day. NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE!
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Originally Posted by illbehotoneday View Post
starting to fall..again.

If I miss just ONE WEEK of the gym and eat bad for ONE WEEK..that sends me on a spiral.

I went to the lake this past week..missed the gym and ate bad. I've been back since last Thursday and have only been to the gym once and I'm not going today either.

It's so easy to fall off.
Omg that's exactly like me! But for me, even if I miss the gym for a day or two, it's all over. I try to go every other day, and if I skip two days in a row then I won't want to go the 3rd day, then the 4th, then 3 months rolls by before I set foot into the gym again.

I fall off the wagon most of the time in social situations. All of my friends are thin (with the exception of 1), and eat like horses without gaining. One of my guy friends is 5'10 and 140lbs. I, on the other hand, don't eat very much yet I gain so easily. Since our class schedules are so different, once or twice a week we go out to lunch/dinner after classes and it's usually at a pizza place or another not-so-healthy restaurant that's close to school and it's always hard for me to say no to whatever greasy food they're eating, and I usually give in. :[ I just make sure I hit the gym and that night and eat the best I can until my next rendez-vous with friends.

Also I find I fall off the wagon when I'm travelling, especially with said friends. I went on a trip to New York by train this January with my best friend (she's 4 inches shorter than me and a size 00) and she lives off of greasy foods, sweets, etc... and I ate whatever she ate during the whole trip. I ended up gaining 5 lbs that trip, and no it wasn't water weight. :[ Those pounds stayed on for a couple months until I gained 12 more, and recently I decided to get my butt back in gear and start losing weight again.
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