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Default Stretch mark question...

I have 2 kids so I have major stretch marks on my tummy but I'm not concerned with those because nobody sees it.

On the other hand, I have some kinda under my arms. I don't know how to explain it but they are bad enough that I don't wear sleeveless shirts out of the house. I also hate swim suits.

Anyway, is there anyway to lighten them? Will they go away. or I guess get smaller as I keep losing?
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i have them in the same place. they fade with time and turn to a sort of white silvery color and if youve lost weight since you had them then they sort of shrink into very fine lines. i dont think they ever 'go away' though.
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there was another thread about this recently. I have the same thing. The ones on the back of my arms are thick and dark. They have faded a little on their own, but there are some good creams out there that help. Avon has Anew Clinical stretch mark cream. I have also used Strivectin SD but it is VERY pricey.
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The more you lose the less noticable they become. However, they never really go away entirely. When I first lost the majority of my weight they didn't bother me as much because the color faded. Now that I'm gained weight again, I've noticed they are back in full force.

They never go away, they just change based on your weight. All of the creams in the world never made my dissappear completely.
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I've used Mederma and it has worked to lighten them quite a bit in a short time frame (and currently am using it actually) for certain scarring and stretch marks (don't have any kids but do have some because I am pear shaped and store 90% of my fat in the butt/thighs/hips area). I think they go away naturally though if you give it time. Coming from the Makeup Artist in me, you can also use a tanning lotion to darker your skin tone so it blends in.
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stretch marks are the bane of my existence. I am so gonna try that tanning lotion thing.
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Well. Everyone has them. Tall people have them too. So I am fat and tall so BLECH. But really, I don't care because no one notices them as much as you notice them. (or they don't notice them at all)
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I never had stretch marks on my stomach, and didn't all through my pregnancy, up to 9 months. But guess what?? Immediately after giving birth, I mean IMMEDIATELY, my stomach was covered in a bunch of claw marks! My hips have gotten 'claw marks' on them and they keep re-appearing. Not cool. So not cool.

I want to try Stri-Vectin but I have also heard that it is costly. How much is it, to whomever posted about it above?

I have tried a generic mederma from walmart by equate on other scars before, but it didn't work. I want to try the real-deal mederma.

And yes, fake tan is awesome for concealing. If I get a pimple and it scars, I'll put on fake tan and it makes my skin look flawless.
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I am tall, fat, AND pear-shaped, so there was no way I was going to escape getting them!

I remember when I first started getting my stretch marks I was still in high school. I was active and slender, but got them anyway. I got huge ones all over my lower abdomen, and smaller ones on my upper thighs, upper arms, hips, and breasts. At first they were bright purple, they hurt because I could feel the skin tearing as they formed, and they caused me no end of anguish. (Thanks, family genetics.)

Over time they faded into a silvery-pink shade, and now I hardly even notice them anymore. That's not because they've gone away or are less noticeable when I've lost weight, but it's because I'm so used to them that they are just part of me. Sort of like I don't "see" my freckles anymore unless I think about it and look.

But, if it makes you feel better, check the link below. It shows that no one, not even super-skinny celebs, is immune to stretch marks!

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In July's Issue of Real Simple. They have an article on strech marks, cellulite, scars, spider veins..They say that Pulse dye laser for newer strech marks. ($500-$800 a treatment) Excimer Laser for older Strech Marks. ($200-$700 a treatment)
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I have them everywhere too. But with time mine have faded but Bio Oil is great for making them less noticeable
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I think everyone has them somewhere on their body. I bet no-one really notices them. I have to say, I don't notice them on my friends at all. But I know where all of mine are!
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I posted a reply yesterday to a question about stretch marks (believe it, they are the bane of most women's existence, especially if you've had kids). Here is what I said:

A year ago I used Strivectin on some old stretch marks from the birth of my daughter 12 years ago. They didn't completely disappear, but they got to the point where I can wear a two-piece bathing suit, and they are so faint that nobody would notice.

I have more recent marks on my thighs and breasts from my weight loss, and the stuff is working on those too. It just takes a while, and a lot of persistence, but it WILL get better.

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