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Changing for the better
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Red face College students

Hey all, I just joined 3FC so I don't know if this has been recently posted.....but are there any college students here who are working towards losing that "freshman 15"???

I'm a sophomore about to go home for the summer, and plan on hitting the gym every day (which I have made excuses not to do here at school) and shopping for my own, HEALTHY food that the dining hall does not offer. I have probably gained no more than 5-6lbs while at college, it's more of a lifelong process that has led me to the state I am now but I am ready to lose it ALL and start living healthy!

Anyone else out there who is in the process of working off that late-night pizza and those poorly chosen "study snacks"??

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*Courtney Rae*
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Hi! I am definatly working off more than the "freshman 15" but i understand your struggle. You will find lots of support and amazing people here. I think you might like the group featherweights. Its a group for those who dont have a lot to lose or those trying to lose the last few stubborn 10-15-20 lbs. Good Luck!
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I went to college in 1998/99 and I'm working off my freshman 15, plus 60 more

Ok, but no really..I'm not in college, but lots of the girls here are!! I just wanted to welcome you and wish you luck
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I actually haven't gained much weight since I began college because I live at home (college is literally 2 blocks away, takes me about 5 to 10 minutes to walk there). It's more of a lifetime thing, gained over the years when I was in my early teens. I'm now 19, going into my 3rd year in September and will be 20 in November, and before my 20th birthday, I would love to completely be where I should be, weight wise.

Good-luck and welcome!

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I'm definitely working off the undergrad/grad school 60 lbs.

Professional school likes to keep you so busy, there's no time to eat. Too many case studies and textbooks to read.
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SE Asia, baby
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i'm finishing up my first year of college. i didn't really gain the freshmen 15, but i'm definitely working off the fat that has been on my body for waaaay too long!

good luck! i know you can do this!
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I am also working off the freshman + rest of college + first couple of years out of college 60. Let me tell you it's a blast.

I feel like it just takes readjusting. Freshman year was a shock and I gained weight, but then I got into a routine and lost some of it. Then I turned 21 and with all of the alcohol I gained weight, and once again got into a routine and lost some of it. Notice I say some and not all, after I graduated college I had gained about 30 pounds from what I was in high school. Now that I'm on my own and living in the city and working I am drinking and eating like there's no tomorrow, thus another 30. I just need to find my new routine I guess...
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I've been at City College off & on for 7 yrs now . I'm actually working off the high school weight . Anyway Welcome!
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I also gained and lost weight during college. I am trying to find a nice balance now that I am in medical school. I feel like I need to live and convey a healthy lifestyle to my patients.
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I'm also finishing up my sophomore year of college. I need to lose a little more than the "freshman 15," but I'm getting there!

Good luck everyone, and welcome to the site, Kitegirl24.
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No pain, no gain.
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At the end of my sophomore year of college, I was 250 pounds, up from the 224 I entered college with.

Then last summer I decided to change my life and ended up pretty close to 200 at one point early in the fall semester, but eventually bad habits came back and I am now at I have about 20 pounds to get back to what I was earlier in the year. Blah.
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I would say I probable weight like 225 when I started college in 2001 (maybe less) and when I graduated in 2006 I weighted 300. So on a good note I've lost all of my college weight but I still have a lot more to go. It is hard to stay healthy in college (drinking, dorm food, fast food) but with a plan and a goal you can do it. I'm in law school now and losing and keeping it off. I really think losing weight was the best carrer decision I could have made, I think people take me more seriously, I get more opportunities, and I am just more confident.

I don't know where you go to school but I wish I had taken advantage of all of the things my undergrad offered to stay healthy, IM gym classes, for credit gym classes, low cost gyms, free nutritionlist, ect. You should look and see what your school offers.

Good Luck!!!
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Kitegirl24, Welcome! You will deff find plenty of current,former college students who can share your pain and frustration! There are also just plenty of 20-somethings who are great and supportive! I entered college at about 215-220 and i'm not up to 258. I gained more than that frosh 15 but you can deff work it off! I highly recommend packing snack or lunch if you are stuck on campus all day. Eatting on campus can sometimes be tricky and before you know it your eatting something that isn't that great. Good luck, you'll like it here!
p.s. working out at schools allows you to get a boost before you have to study.
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Little Miss Random
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3 years after finishing uni....
im still working off school, college n uni weight....
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I graduated school in 2006 and I'm working off the 50 or so pounds I gained after my freshman year. I moved off campus which probably a huge mistake in terms of my weight management because I just drove through fast food joints for breakfast, lunch, and dinner instead of taking my time to decide a healthy option from the Resident Cafeteria. I went from 176 to 224 in about a year and a half!

Heading into grad school, I hope the walking helps me out! Welcome to the forums and good luck with your lifestyle changes.
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