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Talking Hello. Advice, anyone?

Hello there. This is my first time on a support message board, and I'm hoping it'll help. I'm 25, 5'9", 220 lbs, and am hoping I can finally make it all go away! I'm not utterly discouraged--having maintained this weight for several years. Back in 2002, I hit my peak weight at 262 lbs. I've lost the weight before, and went down to 195 (at which I was comfortable never having been a small girl). I've always had a strong build with broad shoulders, hips, and waist. I'm just not meant to be small! So, with that being said, I'm wanting to get back down to that weight, but am having a heck of a time doing so. I started this diet about two weeks ago, and was just asked by my gorgeous size 5 cousin to be in her wedding (I'm currently a 16)! It's a nightmare. The wedding isn't until January, but the first dress fittings are in two weeks. Any suggestions? Anyone have this happen to them? Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Welcome to 3FC !
My advice about the wedding: don't stress about it too much. Your cousin asked YOU to be in her wedding.
For me, losing weight to fit into a bridesmaid dress would not be enough motivation to stick to a diet for very long. I have to do it for ME. Because I want to be healthy and feel sexy and confident. So, focus on getting healthy for you. The wedding is nothing to stress over.
I hope you'll stick around, and keep us updated on your progress!
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Wink Thanks bunches!

I know. Trying to fit into a bridesmaid dress isn't the end of the world, but I'm also feeling pretty uncomfortable having to shop through the racks for a size 16. Plus, I live in Arizona, and the summers here are AWFUL! Hehe. I would like to feel comfortable in shorts and a tank top as I do any other time of the year. My biggest problem is my tummy, and I lose weight rather quickly, but I don't want to go overboard. So, that's why I'm here. I figure that if I can get some support and words of reason (much like your own, bethbeth) I won't start counting every single calorie and going off the deep end. Hehe. Again, I appreciate any help. Thanks!

Oh! Can anyone tell me how to keep track of my goals with those little sliding scale things?

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Vanilla bean82 for a minute there I thought we might be part of the same bridal Party! My cousin, also a size 5, who lives in AZ just told me she is getting married! eerily similar, no? LOL but unfortunately her wedding is in 2 months! yeah, very crazy. So, I know what you are going through. I however, have less time to go down a size I carry my weight pretty proportionately--Im currently a size 18 and was hoping i could get into a size 16 in two months. we'll see if it happens. my cuz is actually coming down here this wkend for dress fittings--davids bridal. i here they carry up to size 26, so hopefully i find something flattering.. GOOD LUCK!
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Hi, there!!! Welcome! I hope you love it here just as much as I do

As was stated, I wouldn't worry so much about the wedding, either. Your cousin asked you because she WANTS you in her wedding, and LOVES you regardless of what you weigh or which rack you need to shop on. A size 6 or a size 16.. she doesn't care

Of course, having motivation for certain "events" can certainly help- I understand!! I'm losing weight for ME most of all, I'm my number #1 reason. BUT, my husband and I booked a cruise to Bermuda for next year and I'd like to get a lot of my weight off for that, as well. Having "events" or things like that, can certainly help push people the right way

Anyway, welcome again!!
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Hi VanillaBean82! I was in the same boat as you are now with the wedding situation. One of my best friends asked me to be a bridesmaid and I was a size 20 when I went to the fitting (I'm 5'8 and was about 228 then). In the six or seven months before the wedding I dropped to a 16 dress size and all I had to do was spend $40 and have the dress refitted by a seamstress at my local dry cleaners. Don't sweat it, get fitted for what is comfortable now and just have it tailored like three weeks before the wedding.
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Hey VanillaBean82! Welcome to the boards. The lads and ladies here are fantastic, and will give ya all the motivation and support you could ever need. And I would not worry about the bride's maid dress, either. ^^
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I think it's a fine idea to use the prospect of the wedding coming up to motivate you to stay on plan - but I'm sure you want to drop the weight for good! Do you have any idea of what you would like to do in terms of plan?
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Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of support here and a lot of people will help you.

I've been to AZ a few times and the summer is unbearable, but I will say I managed to get to the gym every day when I was there last August ... If I can do it so can you. Just hang in there and stick with it. Make sure you are hydrated all the time (glue that water bottle to your hand).

As for the wedding, I was a size 22 when I was in my brothers wedding. It happens. Get the dress in whatever size you are now and then you can always take it in closer to the date. If you get it smaller then you will feel pressured and that might hinder your weight loss.

Good Luck!
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vanillabean82, I think we sound very similar. I am also 5'9" and started at 216 I carry my weight pretty evenly. My worst part being my belly. You shouldn't stress too much about the wedding and the dress shopping. Everyone will be so busy trying to find their size they shouldn't even notice you looking at yours! And guessing that we're about the same size, doesnt matter what the number shows... if it fits, you'll look great!! And when you lose you can get it altered!
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