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Default Specific time for workout?

So as I type this, it is currently 2:30AM up here in Canada and I've been on the treadmill for 91 minutes so far (going for a full 2 hr workout today). I've noticed that I am so much more motivated to workout in the middle of the night or VERY early morning (5-6am). I think it's because after I workout, I know that I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day and can concentrate on eating healthy and knowing how much calories I've burned on the treadmill, so I fit that into my diet.

I love it because my treadmill and exercise bike are both downstairs and everyone is upstairs sleeping right now plus I just bought a new treadmill the first week of April so it's nice and quiet and I don't worry about waking anyone up. I have my laptop right beside me and a water bottle and I browse the net, get my daily points on certain sites I participate with, etc.

Does anyone else have a specific time of the day they prefere to workout or find yourself more motivated at a certain time?
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Normally, I'm most motivated in the afternoon!
Evenings are more rough for me.. I'm a stay-at-home-mom with a 2 year old.. so by the end of the day I'm kinda wanting to SIT and relax while she's in bed. And mornings are a bit busy.. getting her ready for the day, feeding both of us breakfast, getting showered.. seems like my morning is half over by then Before I know it, I'm prepping lunch for her and she's napping! So, afternoons are definitely the best for me.
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is baaaad to the bone!
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I have actually scheduled it to be M-F 7:30-9:30pm. It is something I can't get out of (except for important events) and it really works for me to keep it on schedule.
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I work out whenever I can get it in. I like early in the morning (we are talking like 8 am) or in the middle of the afternoon because that is normally when the gym is empty and when I have free time. I found when I have been successful to sticking to a workout routine is when I plan it in. When the summer semester starts I plan on doing morning workouts prior to going to my internship.
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I have to do it first thing in the morning or it just doesn't happen. I'm a stay at home mom, so I get up at 5am and work out for at least an hour, then shower and get ready for the day before my son wakes up. When nap time comes around I am usually running around the house trying to get chores done while I can and by the time my hubby gets home I just want to sit and RELAX. Plus, I find that working out first thing in the morning really helps my energy level throughout the day.
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I love working out before supper, which actually fits in well with my schedule. I find that if I'm home alone with the kids all day it's a treat to leave the kids with my hubby for some "me time".

A couple of weeks ago I did my long run early in the morning and I was tired all day. When I do a hard workout in the evening all I have to do is get the kiddos to bed then I can laze about until bedtime!
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I'm kinda like Remember. I work out whenever I can get it in...like doing the circuit training before picking up my daughter.. (it requires me to wake up little bit early..so if I can't wake up because I'm too tired or something, then I do it while dd's taking a nap) Also in the afternoon while my DD's taking a nap, I do the DVD workouts. I then go for a walk with her when the weather permits after her nap, if there's enough time before the dinner. Then I'm off to work.. (I work 8PM-430AM)
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As inconvenient as it is at times, I love working out in the evening right now! I work 6-10am right now -- exercising before that is impossible, and after work I'm way too tired. I always seem to have lots of energy around 7pm. Plus, on my running days, I can watch the sunset.
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this is my time
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i am usually late afternoon or early evening during the week and early morning on the weekend before the daygets started because once the day gets started i will not do it at the normal time in the afternoon.
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I get up at 5:30 for work already (and I'm not a morning person), so there is no way that I could exercise in the morning. My most energetic time has always been late afternoon-early evening, so I try to get my exercise in right after I get in from work, usually around 4:15. That way I can get in an hour or so of exercise, and still have time to cool down and clean up before dinner, plus it frees up my post-dinner time for family stuff.
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I tend to be best in the evening.
1) Don't like waking up early but I think I may try it tomorrow just for a change.
2) at college or work all day
3) I start to feel guilty in the evening for everything I've eaten in the day so end up on the treadmill.

I need to get into a proper routine really
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I love to workout really late at night. I am not a morning person, and whenever I work out in the morning (or before afternoon) I am just really lazy and blah. If i workout in the evening or later, I have so much energy! I guess it really depends on the person
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