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So i did weigh in this morning and 3more lbs down so only 38 to go for ultimate goal and since i raised my bday goal again i have 7lbs by next sat...do you think i can do it?? I need some good workout tips cause i hate hate hate hate hate working out but if i do i know i will loose more and i want to look good for my bday. yesterday i was feeling horrible from some ultra sounds they did on me and i was wearing leggings with this lil dress on top im laying on the couch both my bf n sis were like you look skinnier today, my mom saw me walking told me the same thing and i was like they are just being nice cause they knew i felt awful. well today i was getting ready for work and its jean day on fridays so i wore these dark capris with brown flats and this brown short sleeve short of turtle neck that has this lil heart right between boobs n tummy. well i havent worn it since xmas and it was super tight on me
look this was christmas day

i wish i wouldve taken a picture today and i cant even take it now cause my bf borrowed the camera, but i put it on today iwas like lets give it a try and omg i freaked out not tight at all u can tell my tummy gone down alot i spent 10min looking in the mirror
well put it this way my bf got to my house and i was like baby look at me from the side look at my tummy n im not even sucking it in! i did it to him like 10 times lol and to my mom n my cousin hahahaha
Like im even starting to feel comfortable wearing all my lil tshirts that say things on them because they are so tight they are meant to fit you like that but not tight that you look horrible in. i felt so uncomfortable wearing them cause of my tummy and omg im starting to wear them again slowly but surely.

But on a serious note i need help with workout because i have a treadmill at my grams who lives next to me but i can only do it at 6am or super late at night because she takes care of my cousin whos autisic n he doesnt like the sound of the machine and he will go and unplug it from the wall WHILE IM ON IT LOL. I got a workout tape from dancing with the stars which is good cause i love to dance, but heres the problem i dont have alot of room in my room anymore cause i bought a full size bed and it faces straight out i used to have a daybed so i had ALOT OF ROOM. and another thing is that im always busy my schedule is krazy! i work 4rm 9am-2pm at 2:45 i pick up my sis from school get home by 3:45 which then i dont want to do anything and then i either have school, take my sis to pratice, or bf is here or something going on. I tried the whole waking up at 6 to work out for 45min but the thing is the more weight i loose the more i sleep idk i go to sleep late so i know its hard for me to get up but i even went to bed @ 11 last night and i couldnt get up till 7:30 :^ now let me tell you i went for months of sleeping really bad so now that im sleeping good i dont want to ruin it lol! so help girls i want to look good for next weekend MY BIRTHDAY!!! we are doing dinner friday night n party/club sat night.
oh btw 2morrow is my first time out on the boat since i started loosing weight

ps sorry for the long post im home alone bf ditched me for the night so did my girls and needed to talk to some one i still love you girls!
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Long post are always welcome! Good job on losing another three pounds!
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