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Question Going to the gym sore???

So tuesday night i did my normal work out. 15min on bike 45min weights and 30min on the elliptical. Then 1 hour of yoga. I hadent worked out for a little over a week because my uncle passed away and there was a lot of family in town. Then my sister had twins and she lives 2 hours away so i was visiting her. Anyway Wednesday is my normal "rest day" this is because i work from 4am until 8pm on wednesday. Anyway i woke up kinda sore and today i am even more sore. Should i skip the gym or just go and suck it up? Is it a good idea to work out when you are sore? maybe i should just do some cardio and no weights. Any idea?
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I usually stick to cardio when I get sore from a previous workout and that helps to loosen me up. I do avoid strength training the sore muscle groups though.

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Yeah. I'd say just try and switch it up and stay away from what's sore. Do what you can.
The other day I *way* overdid it on squats and lunges and my legs felt like they were going to fall off, it was a challenge not to cry in public when I had to walk up stairs so I stuck to a bellydance DVD that day nice and easy on the legs, but I worked up a decent sweat.

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Do you normally do 2 1/2 hour work outs? Wow that sounds like a lot. No wonder you're sore!

Not sure of your intensity... However if it's do-able for you...
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Workout. Unless you've actually strained a muscle then in my experience working out is actually a good way to relieve the pain. It hurts a lot for the first little while but as the blood gets flowing you'll feel better. Take it easy for the first five or ten minutes and make sure you get a good warmup in and you should be fine. This morning I woke up stiff as anything and my hamstrings were so tight I felt like I could barely walk. I did my regular weight routine and a spinning class and I don't feel anything now.
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Work out - my stomach was in so much pain after a week of not making the abs class and then when I DID on monday night it was the toughest instructor (he just ADORES deep core work...ouch!)

Going back the next day just helps me loosen up and I have noticed my recovery time is quicker than if I didn't do anything until it felt better.
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My trainer doesn't care if I'm sore, he just says "It's a good sore!" And I work through it and get even more sore usually!
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I find that drinking a lot of water when you're sore also helps. It flushes out the toxins (in this case, a build-up of lactic acid) in your muscles. Increasing blood flow to the area through gentle exercise also helps.
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Sore is OK, pain is not. Do remember that muscle is built by making tiny tares from stressing the muscle but it has to have a day or two to heel to be most effective. Also STRETCH! I spend 10 to 15 min stretching after every workout and I'm almost never more then pleasantly sore even after a very intents 90 minutes.

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