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I am obsessed wiht my scale too! but one thing that helps me is that first thing in the morning i wake up (go pee of coarse) then get on the scale. I always heard that weighing yourself in the morning is your "true" weight. No water no food no toxins or anything like that. So far so good, i get way less angry if i just do it in the morning rather then 2 times a day and see that i gained 2 lbs over the day
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When I first started I was weighing myself every time I saw the scale. The constant fluctuations almost drove me bonkers! Now I only weigh Saturday evenings, and I record it on my calender. I also take my bust/waist/hip measurements at that time as well. It is so encouraging to look back over the month and see the changes!

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I agree with the majority, do what makes you feel happy with yourself. No matter how scary the scale has been before, it should be used as a positive reinforcement of all the energy and work that you're putting into being healthy now. As you see the numbers generally keep on going down it doesn't matter if there's a pound or two that suddenly pop up out of nowhere one morning because you know you're doing everything right and they will drop off as easy as they appeared.
On that note, I weigh and record myself every day but I plan on changing that to once a week when I'm closer to my goal because I know they weight won't be coming off as quickly anyway.
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I've had many moments this week where I wanted to check the scale... this normally happens when things are going well food/exercise-wise. Problem is, if the scale does NOT tell me what I really want to know, there is a chance it will trigger me to go off plan. So I made a little challenge for myself for just this week to only w/i on Sunday (my w/i day). I have it in my signature line... and I don't want to have to put a there, so I just keep resisting.

When the week is over I will probably start again, just to make it a habit. Eventually I think I will forget about going on the scale every day That's what I'm hoping for anyway
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It's hard, but don't weigh yourself every day. Most women fluctuate 1-3 lbs during the day. You'll drive yourself nuts. I go to LA Weight Loss and only weigh myself 2 times a week. I find it gives me incentive to be just a little lighter every time I get weighed. So far this week I'm down 3 lbs
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