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sometimes. I'm kinda addicted to the scale though, so sometimes its in the am before a shower, other times once I get home before taking clothes off, sometimes right after a workout, etc.
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nekkid, after a potty break, pre shower - so i have as little weight on me as possible! i dont even like weighing in with wet hair!!

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I suffer from scale obcession. I am working on recovering from this affliction. With that said, I weigh in the morning after I tinkle, in the buff. HOWEVER, I don't "count" that WI. I use that as an 'idea' of my weight. More to see if I notice fluxuations when I eat something I normally don't. The WI that I count is the one I do at my bariatric doctor's office. When I go there it is the same day of the week (Monday) aproximately the same time of day (2:00 - 4:00 PM) in the same clothes. She must think I only own one set of clothes!!
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"Always weigh on the same scale" by bargoo! yay! hehe...
The first day I started going to the gym... Well, right before I went to the gym, I weighed 208! I was soooo mad because that's THE highest I weighed in my whole life. Then, I went to the gym and weighed there and was 202! lol I get the official monthly weigh-in at the gym, so I've decided to not trust my scale at home..and go by the one at the gym. I also can measure the body fat with that scale at the gym so it works great. hehe.

At home, I weight with only undies but at the gym, just t-shirt and sweatpants.
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First thing in the morning, after using the restroom. Currently I have to do it with my night clothes on (cause I live with my family) but when I'm in my own place, I'm buck naked.
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I go in the morning, after I potty (number 1 and 2 ), completely naked. I haven't gone so far as to take out my earrings though... hahah.

When I weigh at the doctor's office I usually don't worry about what I'm wearing or if I've eaten something heavy beforehand, considering I don't go by their scales anyway. It's usually 4 or 5 lbs above what my weight in the morning is, but I usually have appointments in the afternoon... after breakfast and lunch, with clothes on.
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Same as everyone else. In the morning, after going to the bathroom, t-shirt and underwear. Sometimes I take off my shirt and just weigh in my underwear to see if it changes...but it doesn't.

Clipping toenails...that's hilarious. I haven't thought of that but I do get on and off about 5 times to make sure the number sticks.
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I weigh nude, after first morning pee.
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Originally Posted by xGurlyGrlx View Post
I do get on and off about 5 times to make sure the number sticks.
OMG I do that too! Haha. I also get on, look at the ceiling and count to ten so when I finally do look at the scale it has stopped moving entirely.

I have a really bad habit of weighing in after every workout. (I know the exact weight of my shoes...1.4lbs, hahaha.) I'm working on kicking that right now. My goal this week is to not weigh in again until Saturday morning.

If I'm home for the weekend where there's a scale in the bathroom I'll weigh myself in underwear and a tank top or something first thing in the morning. I think it's a dangerous thing for me to have a scale in the house though...I pretty much check 3 or 4 times a DAY. It's definitely an addiction.

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I only go near the scale on WI days - and I always go to the same WW meeting (Sat morning really early) - so I go, and consequently weigh in, in my pajamas because I'm too tired in the morning to worry about finding clothes to weigh in in because then I start to worry about how much they weigh and whether or not it will affect my weight for the week.
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