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Angry oopps

so i have no self control. my dinner plans (salad with no dressing and a glass or two of wine) with friends turned into fetticini with cream sauce, two peices of bread and butter, two glasses of wine and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. not only is that like two gagillion calories, but none of it is healthy. im so frusterated with myself. where does my will power go and why do i think gee i had a tough day at work, i deserve it? booo

finally i am thinking about trying to do a modified fast tomorrow... coffee for breakfast and carrots all day as i get hungry to make up for tonight. thats not healthy though right? or its ok for one day? im not going to starve in one day and it wont be prolonged?

and the truth is i feel full and uncomfortable and it wasnt even that good. boo.
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it's always something
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We've all been there at one point or another Luckily, it's what you do over the course of 7 days that counts, not one day Maybe you could cut back an extra 50 to 100 calories each day for a few days, and toss in some extra exercise.

Maybe next time you can plan for a little more food when you have dinner with friends, if they are going to have something so tempting. It would be really hard to eat a salad with no dressing while everyone else is eating fettuccine

Tomorrow is a new day
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I agree it happens to all of us at one time or another. I also agree that fasting is probable not a good idea and maybe just throw some extra exercise in there and reduce your calorie a bit.
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Yeah, I'm positive it happens/has happened to every one here, we're all human and can't be perfect. Although I wouldn't advise fasting. Especially if you tend to have thoughts of "I deserve this after a day at work", fasting might cause you to get extremely frustrated, and in turn to 'crack up' even worse. For instance, if I have to go out to a social event, I know I can't plan on 'only' a salad, unless that salad is extremely filling and delicious (no MacDo salads! ), because if I go out for a meal, well, I don't want to be eating just that: I want healthy options, but options that I don't usually cook at home for myself, if it makes sense. Hence no feeling of deprivation.
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Get right back on plan , no fasting. This is just a bump in the road, should do no harm.Biggest problem is that it might cause a binge, get back on plan right away!
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back at it
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Freddy, you DO have self control otherwise you would be eating those kind of meals left right and center (and thinking its ok), a place many of us, including myself used to be. You have recognized that you don't want to eat like that, so just count it as a learning mistake (or an occasional treat!). Now pick yourself up and move on with your regular plan. I think fasting will be more likely to cause a binge IMO.
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mkay ladies i think you are right. im going to try to hit 1000 cals today, no fasting and put in a little extra time at the gym. thanks for making me feel better. get back on the horse, eh? ;-)
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Good luck freddy!
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Doing it.
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I did the same thing! I planned on eating a sandwich and it turned into an order of Chinese food.

Prolly around 1500 cals. In 10 minutes.
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It's okay, I have done the same here and there, maybe it is because you are just starting to lose weight, as am I. I just had to tell myself that I am not giving up, but I am getting started. I hope that helps.
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that happens to me all the time especialy when friends are insisting that i wont be full after eating a salad or that its just one meal its not gonna kill me they just dont understand =( tsk tsk tsk ..... i normally would say your carrot idea sounds great but ive tried things like that half way through they day i usually say **ck it and eat evreything in the fridge just forget it happned and continue on your road cutting a few calories ( like 100 ) and adding a little exsercize as previously mentioned couldent hurt either
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Hi Freddy Nobody is perfect, and you cannot expect yourself to be perfect. We have all had setbacks, I've certainly had my share. What's important is that you get right back on track. I noticed you said you had changed your mind about fasting and I think that is great. However, I think 1000 calories is a little low, especially if you are hitting the gym. I'm not trying to be preachy because we all know what our body needs, and I'm a strong believer in listening to your body. Just remember, that you have to eat to lose weight, our bodies need fuel, especially if we are hitting it hard in the gym. Anyway, like I said, didn't mean to be preachy, just don't beat yourself up about what happened, and stay on track!
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I agree with everything that has been said so far. Another thing I would like to add is that many restaurants have their menus and nutrition information online. Even if a particular restaurant doesn't have online nutrition info, you can find a similar dish w/ nutrition info from a different restaurant and use that. This is good for a couple of things. Before you go out to eat you can look at the choices at a restaurant and plan what you're going to get. I don't eat out very often (once every 2-3 months) so when I do, I feel totally deprived w/ just a salad or something similar. So I try to find the lowest-cal "normal" dish from a restaurant and order that as a sort of compromise. I can plan my day to leave 800 or even 1000 cals for dinner (on an infrequent basis) and that is usually enough to order something really delicious (I know that half a serving of chicken fajitas at Chili's is well within that range for example, and it is a TON of food!) and then I am not completely freaking out when I open the menu.

Also, if you have already eaten something and you want to know exactly how much damage you did, you can use the nutrition info. Then you know exactly how many more cals you have to burn to get rid of it.

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Default Hey!

I try to think about it like this, one meal of overeating won't make you fat, just like eating healthy for one meal won't magically make you skinny. Just try to not beat yourself up about splurging and make up for it either in the gym or by cutting back here and there. I did the same thing Monday night, when my boyfriend decided on a midnight snack of quesadilla rolls and other things and I decided to join.
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