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Question Same weight, dramatically different size??? help

So, I'm really confused.
I'm 21. I weigh about 130lbs.

I called my doctor this morning to see how much I weighed in highschool because I want to get back into that body. I was told that in 2001 (I was 15) I weighed 120lbs. In 2003 (I was 17), I weighed 130. I've wanted to get back to the weight I was when I was 17 and now when I see I am that weight... something has to be wrong

All of my pictures from highschool show me much slimmer than I am now. I dont have the spare tire that I have on my waist now, I could wear bikinis and I could fit in sizes 4-6

How, did I really replace all of my highschool muscle with fat?
I feel a lot stronger than I did in highschool
Is my perception just off?
Why dont my clothes from back then fit me anymore?
Is there any way can get back there again?

There is no use in losing weight for me if I cant get back to where I once was. I've lost 10 lbs already, is all of that muscle weight?
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First off, congrats on losing 10 pounds!

Have you been exercising while trying to lose weight? Have you been eating nutritious, healthy foods on your plan? I'm sort of in the place where you goal weight is around 130, what I weighed back in 7th grade. But when I weighed 130, I got there through a ridiculous diet that consisted of low fat foods without a lot of nutritional value. I was thin, but wasn't in shape. This time I'm incorporating cardio, strength training, and yoga into my plan so that when I do hit 130, it will be a healthy 130. If you've been losing weight through a restricted eating plan without exercising, you might have lost 10 pounds in water/muscle. My advice is to kick up your workouts! (if you haven't been).
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S/C/G: 140/122/tight and toned!

Height: 5'3"


I eat very well. Not over the top restriction but I am definately aware of everything I put into my mouth. My nutrition is my number one motivator. I love to think I'm fueling mybody with things that are healthy and good. I feel better when I eat right!! So, maybe I'm not exercising THAT much but since I dont really have TOO far to go, is it really needed? I'm afraid that the scale will go up and my body wont go down.

Ah, belly
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There is a huge difference for me as well between being the same size but a different weight.

At 150 pounds (my highschool weight) I was a good sized 14 (10 in US) forward a few years and at 21 I was a skinny but unfit 125 pounds and a size 8/10 (US 4/6) and NOW at 24yrs and a much much much fitter 145 pounds I am still a size 8/10 (US 4/6).

For me this highlights the importance of incorporating regular exercise into anyones you feel so much better for it and two you increase your muscle mass which yes, does reflect on the scale BUT also increases your metabolism as muscle needs more energy than fat. So instead of being a flabby 125 size 8/10 I'm a firm, muscled 145pd size 8/10.

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Restarting my journey :)
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Your body shape has obviously changed, you mentioned a 'spare tyre', that is only one of the things that has changed. At 17 it is unlikely that you had the body shape you will carry for the rest of your life and if you haven't been working out, you will have lost the shape and definition that muscle gives us. The spare type will lessen with the more weight you lose, but if you aren't working out then your muscles won't be tight and firm, creating a sleek shape and if you want to look like you did when you were 17, it isn't going to be about what the scale says, but how your clothes feel and fit.

I look at pictures of me when I was 17 and wish I could look like that again, but I was a dancer and I was doing 6-8 hours of intense exercise every week. My body was mostly muscle. I don't think I'll ever regain that kind of body, not only because my boobs are bigger and my hips have widened (ignoring the extra fat of course, lol) but also because that lifestyle is too intense for me now.

If you do start to work out more, you won't see the scale go up by lots and lots because just having more muscle tissue burns up more calories while doing nothing and you'll be burning more calories just by working out. I think the question you need to answer, in order for you to get the body you want, is what is more important, the number on the scale or how your body actually looks?

Good Luck with the rest of your weight loss journey
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like the other girls said, your proportions change as you grow, your body isn't supposed to look like a 15 year olds body when you're 20 something! it's very normal, we're becoming women not high school girls. when i was back in high school, my body was just straight up and down skinny, but now my body is much more curvaceous (and it's not because of fat).

i don't have a lot of weight to lose either, but i have a very active exercise routine. i exercise in the morning for 20 mins, then 30 mins after work, followed by strength training for 15-20 mins. even with my intense workouts, my weight hasn't gone up! if you kick up your workouts, and do some weight training, your body will get more toned and be in an even better shape! it's more important to focus on the mirror and how your body feels, rather than the scale

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This is true... I WISH I had my 17 year old body, but I doubt I ever will. My hips have definitely widened, though I also got more of a waist, and my boobs grew a little. It's just (corny as it sounds) the difference between a girl's and a woman's body.

Working out, in my opinion, is essential. I couldn't imagine losing weight without exercise... and if I did, it would be at a much, MUCH slower clip; painfully slow for me, really. Plus, I really like to eat (I do restrict but not as much as I'd need to if I never exercised), and in order for me to eat as much as I want to, I need to work out to create any kind of immense deficit.

Spare tires are a... rhymes with itch and rich... to get rid of. Mine is always the last to go. If I still have a spare tire when I hit GW, I'm going to continue losing weight and toning up until it's gone.
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