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Height: 5'11"


I know my chest developed into my early -mid 20s. I remember I started college at a 36 C when I was 17 and six years later and 20 lbs lighter I was at a 36 DD. Now, 3 kids later and ~50 lbs heavier I fill out a 38 DDD. I don't mind if mine get a lil' smaller, but what I really wish for is that they were higher. Sigh.........
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Height: 5'3"


I've always been heavy. In high school I was around a 38C, by the end of college I was a 44D (I probable gained 70 pounds in college). My chest has gotten smaller, now the 40C I got a few weeks ago is starting to get lose and the 40B is fitting better. I'm happier with a smaller size (there less out there). What I'm worried about is that they will lose all shape but sofar I've been lucky and they are still pretty shapely.
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Back to make it to goal!
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Well I've been pretty busty all my life. I developed in 4th-5th grade. But I have noticed a little shrinkage. I think I will go down to a C or D, I'm currently a DD. DF says they've shrunk a bit, so I guess they have.
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I've recently went down another cup size. I was wearing a snug 40D when I started now 60+ pounds lighter I'm wearing a 34B. I like being a B, I just hope they don't shrink any more, I do wish they would move a little more north thought .
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I'm losing and I haven't seen much change in my chest, but in the past when I was thinner my breasts were a tad smaller... Which I don't mind!
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Pending Email Confirmation
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I think my "reward" for losing weight (after I'm done losing my 100lbs) is a breast augmentation (Did I spell that right??!) - I'm a C or D cup depending on the bra style, and I've always been overweight so I have no idea what they'd look like after I lose. I like there size right now, what I don't like is they sag. They aren't supposed to be saggy when I'm only 20 years old!! I don't know if losing weight will make them more "perky" or not, I'm guessing not... So I plan to have a lift and possible implants after I'm done losing weight...
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Height: 5'11


i dont know how much ive lost overall... i started in march, didnt weigh myself until i moved here to az, and im currently at 240. im sure i was much heavier in texas, and perhaps even pushing 270. so, with 30 or so pounds gone, my chest size hasnt really changed much. but, i definitely only recently got my goods.. my boobs seemed to explode between age 19-21. when i started college i was a C. now im holding steady at 42DD. i was a 44 back in march, and can still wear them, just on the last hook.

i really dont want to lose my chest either...i come from a long line of busty women on both sides of the family, so we'll see. hopefully genetics will prevail.
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one more time...
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Height: 5'4" no, 5'5"! I grew!


Well 6 yrs ago I was the weight I am now and a 38 B. I gained 20 lbs in college and was up to a 36 D. Now I'm a 36 C. I really hope I keep them as I lose!
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I started as a 42DD and I'm now a 36D, I like the size that they are now and I'm hoping that they don't shrink too much between now and my goal.
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Height: 5'7"


I bought two bras this past week. At the start of this weight loss journey I weighed in at 176 and my breasts were a 38DDD. Now i'm down to a 36DD and I'm currently at 146lbs. If it's anything like the last time when I got down to my goal weight of 128-130 i'm expecting to go down to a 36D. I'm praying I stay in the D zone, because well I haven't had c cups since i was 10 years old, and I don't know what i'd think of them.

I've had friends who have lost alot of weight and their breasts stayed the same throughout. I think sometimes you can look at your body as a whole. I am more bottom heavy, so my cup loss isn't that huge. My friends who have had alot of weight to lose up top (backfat, arms and so forth) have dropped down 3 or more cup sizes. THe opposite happened for my pear shaped friends. Who knows! I figure i'd rather have smaller boobs and be able to wear a sexy top comfortably in public than have large boobs and never even think to try that top on!
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Happy New Rears!
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I'm pretty flat chested, but I have to say since I've been exercising and losing weight, my body is smaller but my boobs haven't changed - they look bigger because of my weightloss in my arms/tummy/shoulders.
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It varies from person to person. I've had a large chest my whole life and when I lose weight, it doesn't seem to go anywhere. I don't know if there is a way to make your chest stick around, but good luck!
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Losing it and loving it!!
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Height: 5'4


I'm 13 pounds down and my boobs haven't shrunk whatsoever...let's hope it stays that way teehee....
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All through high school, I wieghed 190 and was a 38C. I've gained a lot of weight since then and I'm a 42D. Hopefully when I get to goal, I'll be a 36C or D.

My main issue with the girls is that they never did (still haven't?) filled out on the bottom.

DH and I talked about my goals and I told him when I hit my goal, I want surgery to lift, fill out, and even out the chest. How many of you have thought about breast augmentation as a gift to yourself at the end of your journey?
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Height: 5'4"


I am praying the my boobs don't go anywhere! My boobs have gotten a little bigger since I've gained the weight, and that's the only area where I was grateful for the added padding! They are a full B right now, and I think that's a good size for me. I've thought about having breast augmentation in a few years as long as I'm at a good weight, but I would only want to go up about half a cup size, so I don't know if it would even be worth it. But if my boobs shrink, who knows?
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