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Default Yuck....

I bought a Smart Ones for dinner, the salisbury steak and mac & cheese, it was nasty! Does anybody have any suggestions on healthy frozen dinners, ones that can be cooked in the oven, I don't have a microwave!

Also have you noticed that after you have been watching what you eat your stomach seems to get full super fast! I was only able to eat about half of the smart ones and was so full! and it is not just the I am getting full feeling, it is like if I eat another bite I am going to get sick! Kinda strange, I think!
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My friend loves the Stouffer's rigatoni with chicken in a pesto sauce. My hubby likes hungry man, but those aren't always very "healthy". I've never been a big fan of frozen dinners. Unless it's a pot pie... Those are a guilty pleasure.

Since I started counting calories and watching what I eat, I get full a lot faster than I used to. Of course, my stomach had to shrink a bit because it was used to getting a LOT more... Glad those days are over!
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I love lean cuisines, especially the pizza and the paninis.. pretty sure you can make those in the oven
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I second the motion for lean cuisines. The first time i bought one, I thought 'theres no way this is going to make me full' but it did! I love the Chicken Parmagania one, not to mention the pizzas as well. As you said, your stomachs smaller so you really don't need much. I also disliked the smart ones a friend of mine recommended them to me, and now I know not to trust her!
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I love the paninis from lean cuisine too. And the sweet and sour chicken. yummy. It makes me really full too.
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I also like the lean cuisine. I've only tried a couple but they pizza is amazing. I was looking at my fall schedule and sadly I think I'm going to have to start buying them becuase I wont have enougth time to cook. I try and add a extra helping of vegetables with them.

Another suggestion is you can make larger batches of food and freeze your own meals. I sometimes do that because it is hard cooking for one. I'll freeze leftover rice in single servings. Also if I want to make meatballs, I'll make a large batch and freeze them in single servings. Burritos are another thing (I make mine with half meat, half fake meat), ff refried beans and ff cheese. Then freeze them, when I want to eat them I take em out cook them for 30 minutes on 350 and done.
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I also like the lean cuisine. The paninis are so good but I think they are just for the microwave. From the regular stouffers line I love the stuffed peppers and the cabbage rolls. I am sure they are higher in calories but I don't think they would be too bad.
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We can do it.
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I like several varieties of the Healthy Choice dinners. And I am 99% sure they can be cooked in the oven.
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Most of the smart ones are pretty good, but I do agree the saulsbury steak one is pretty bad.
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The south beach diet pizzas are really good. There is a chicken one that i would eat whether I was dieting or not. And I agree with the stomach shrinkage. It's amazing - after you have been dieting awhile and you look back at what you used to eat, it's hard to believe you ate that much!
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The Kashi meals are awsome, unlike Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, South Beach they don`t have as much sodium (salt), so it won`t make you retain water. They are made with whole grains so they really fill you up, and you get tons of protein. They are a bit more expensive, but totally worth it.
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There are several Smart Ones that aren't too bad. My favorites are the broccoli & roasted potatoes with cheese sauce, mac & cheese, and spaghetti marinara with zucchini and squash.
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I deserve to feel good!
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I don't buy smartones often because they are just my second favorite, and I really dislike the Healthy Choice but I love Lean Cuisine! My favorites are the chicken in peanut sauce, meat lasagna, mac & cheese, grilled chicken caesar bowl, garlic beef and broccoli and the sesame stir fry with chicken and I like all of the panini flavors. I also used to love the beans and rice dish but I ate it too much and got sick of it.
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I hate chub-rub!
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Lean Cuisine Pizzas are so good, you will eat them when not watching your weight! I love Kashi cereal and granola TLC bars, bc they are not too sweet for the morning and very good for you. I will have to try their meals.
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I am also a big fan of the lean cuisine pizzas, paninis and I also like the meat sauce spagetti. Yummy
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