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Default hey everyone!

hey guys, im fairly new to the site and just wanted to officially introduce myself. my name is Naomi and ive recently started my weight loss journey. i have only seen 4lbs come off but its just the start. i've got a long way to go and i'm so glad i found this site. i find it hard to keep motivated when going at it alone and its hard to find a good support group but i think this site is really gonna help me out! my ultimate goal is to lose aboyt 85lbs and meet some great people along the way
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This is the place to find both motivation and great people. Make sure you browse around the boards... what some of the ladies here have accomplished is absolitely amazing!

So tell us a bit about yourself.. what kind of eating / exercise are you doing, etc?

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congrats on the weight loss so far!! every little bit counts. im new, also! definately check around at the different boards and's TREMENDOUSLY inspirational!! keep up the good work!!
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Hope to see you around and continue getting closer to your weight loss goals.

I wish you the best of luck.

You can do this!
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Doing this for me!
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best of luck! four pounds is great...keep up the awesome work!
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Congrats on the 4 pounds! I think that is awesome!! We are all here for you and in it together, don't hesitate to ask any questions!
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welcome here Naomi! I hope this forum and the website will be of help to you in this journey. And 4 lbs, that is a good start!
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Default thanks all

thanks everyone for the kind words and welcomes

sorry i didnt get back to everyone right away, i had a lil accident and cracked 2 back molars so i have been "enjoyin" some root canals i had to get done lol!

well I'm from brooklyn, NY and right now the weather is really hot/hazy so walking outside today is out of the question. i have been doing weight watchers/ calorie counting. its kind of hard but its been working for me so far. i have this program i received in a health and nutrition class that i input all i eat in a day and tells me how many calories i ate, vitamins, nutrients, sodium..etc. and also how many calories burned with activities.

as for exercise i have been walking to my local libary and back so thats 2 miles back and forth. i try to do that 3-4 days a week. i have also been using resistance bands for toning and the usual crunches, sit ups and push ups. im big on jumping jacks too.

its been working so far me so i'm sticking with it and see how far it gets me until i have to extend the time period.

as i said before, thanks to you all and i hope to def keep intouch with everyone on my progress. even though since my accident i havent been in too good shape to move let alone exercise and i havent yet weighed myself. i doubt i have gained anything since i having been suckin down soft foods mostly living off of mashed potatoes and spaghetti lol.
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Hey, Welcome!
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welcome naomi im new too sounds like your off to a good start your here and i think that's the biggest step we just need to keep coming back and checkin in on one another, about your accident you said you had a root canal was it horrific? i have one coming up and im so not looking forward to it i've been putting it off for way too long lol im a wuss, looks like we have about the same goals keep in touch with us! ~kimberly
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