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Default So I've Come To The Realization...

Well, I didn't realize this just recently, but I did want to share it with ya'll. Before I started my weight loss journey I used to look at thinner/in shape girls and wonder how they got that way. A lot of times you see these girls that are all well made up and just "too pretty" for the gym. Well, once I got a gym membership, I realized, that a lot of them work out hard to get the bodies they have. I know not everyone here has a gym membership and some don't like the idea of working out at a gym. Personally, for me it's motivating, especially when I see girls that are in shape working hard. Yes, there are some of those girls that still stay all dressed up and pretty for the gym and probably aren't working as hard others, but i'll chalk that up to genetics; however, there are A LOT of girls who truly do work out hard for their bodies. I do understand that because of our genetics and our bodies being so very different that I may never be the exact size/weight I want to, but I can get pretty darn close & be happy about it as long as I am healthy! Now, when I am at the gym, and I want to give up during my work out I just look for one of those other girls who is working out harder than I am and I tell myself "She has the body she has because of the way she works out. You can have the body you want, if you work out hard too!" For me that is very motivating!

Way back when...I used to just tell myself well some people are meant to be thin and some aren't (like me), but if you want to be thinner and in shape, you can just takes time, dedication, motivation and patience. No, we're not all perfect and we will fall off the wagon every now and then but we can't let it stop us.

I hope this gives an extra "oomph" to those who need a little extra motivation right now and just something for the rest who are getting started to remember!!!

Good luck to you all and keep up all the hard work!

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(name given to me by me)

And b/c I love spreading will power dust - here's some for everyone!
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I totally agree and sometimes do the same thing to get motivation at the gym. I sometimes slip back to that "its unfair, i have to work harder, my metabolism isnt the same, etc etc." but I try to stop myself when I get that way. There are always people who have it better and have it worse than you. I try not to think about either really and just be the best me I can be! Thanks for the reminder Liz
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