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Default Energize before a Workout

I always hit the gym right after work, but some days I am absolutely dragging and have trouble getting energized. Then my workout seems to drag on and I am hating every minute of it. I try to drink a Diet Mountain Dew about 45 min or so before I go, but I am wondering if anyone out there has any other ideas on how I can give myself an energy burst before my workout. Maybe a (healthy) energy drink, or some sort of suppliment/vitamin?
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I drink an enviga green tea drink beforehand to give me the pep to do my workout on those days I find myself really dragging. I don't know that I'd call it a healthy energy drink, but its only 5 calories and has egcg, calcium, and it definitely has enough caffeine to perk me up. I'll be watching this thread too to see if anyone has any other ideas.
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I work out in the mornings because I had a hard time having the energy for a workout at the end of the day. I find this change has made a huge difference and keeps me energized all day!
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If you can't work out in the morning (which I agree helps maintain energy throughout the day), doing about 15 minutes of yoga to warm up can also help with energy. It takes away that end-of-day frazzled/burnout feeling.

Yoga is great like that. When I'm on the verge of an anxiety attack, I do yoga to calm me down. When I need to wake up, I do yoga.

Be careful with energy/caffinated drinks right before working out. It can aggrivate heart conditions and mess with your pulserate.
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I try to grab a piece of whole fruit (apple, pear, orange, some berries) or even a cereal bar about half an hour before working out. A bit more healthful and filling than drinking the calories, 'cause of the fiber.
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Ok so i wish i still had this link to the news article i am going to refer to, but i don't so your just going to have to trust me
... lol

I recently read an article that did a study on the effects of whole grains and working out... there were two groups: one ate a fiber packed snack (not meal or anything big) an hour before working out and the other didn't... the one who did ended up being able to workout longer and feel less fatigued...

A totally unrelated article i read a while back did a similiar study only it was for weight lifting and not cardio and they found drinking coffee (just plain black coffee) allowed for more reps and increased stamina while working out

As for me, i swear by the coffee thing, even before i read the article, i KNEW that was true for me and people would laugh at me, but i read the article and it made me feel better
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I run in the mornings, and I have half a pot of yoghurt, then have the other half when I get back with cereal for breaky!

I just have read lost saying that it's bad to exercise on an empty stomach...

However, if it's later in the day, taking Spirilina pills during the day with meals may help to stabalise your blood sugar levels, and keep you feeling energised?
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Try eating a banana or a bowl of fiber cereal about 20-30 mins before your workout. Also make sure to have lots of water throughout the day.
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A dietitian once told me (not that her word is gospel) that a piece of fruit 45 minutes before is best, as it has both fiber and readily available sugars to draw energy from. If you need something closer to your workout, a fruit juice drink box thing is good for the really immediate energy, just make sure you get the reduced sugar kind... they're so over-sweetened.
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I too drink Enviga. Im not quite fond of the taste...but I dont have it on a daily basis. I have a 2yr old boy who doesnt know the meaning of "exhausted" yet so ive resorted to energy drinks. Its good for on-the-go kinda thing. I usually dont want to have a warm apple, or mushy peach when driving to the gym from work, so i stop by 7-11 and pick an enviga up or something. HTH
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hubby and i will drink an Emergen-C packet before working out - it is vitamin C and gives that boost of energy too. Plus keeps colds at bay. I think that a piece of fruit is still probably the best option, though, for actually fueling your body.
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