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He he - That is great Spunkster! I will try it - but sometimes my thunder thighs just don't agree half marathons are a great distance - not too far and you feel super accomplished when u finish - cause come on - how many people do more than 1 mile let alone 13.1! I need to start running longer lengths - but I'm lazy these days - somehow how do I feel unlazy???

Ouch to blisters - take care of those feet!

And it sucks to be sick - I got sick during the Olympic Tri and I think it took me like 2 weeks to recover - it sucked big time! So make sure you are healthy enough before you start (I think I went to long and it made me kinda not get well quick enough)
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i've recently been beginning to run daily. I started last week, and i'm starting off a little bit slow. I'm planning to increase my run/jogs weekly by .25 of a miles at least for a while. Right now, i'm at 2.25 miles per day. My longterm goal, is to be able to run in a half marathon I've signed up for in October.
I'll post my progress from time to time.
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I CAN do it!!
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Default just starting out

hey all,
I recently started getting back on track and going to the gym, and running on the treadmill is my new thing.
i'm not sure how far I get, but I usually run for about 12-15 minutes. And for me, this is quite good. Currently still smoking, and that doesn't help at all.
Any tips for upping my time? I'd like to be able to do 30 minutes, hopefully by mid June.
And, is running outdoors easier or harder in your opinions?

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Life's tough Get a helmet
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Thanks Bida! I've definitely learned that it's worth investing in good running socks. After my six mile run, I had a huge blister, so I went straight to The Sports Authority and purchased several new socks!

MeganMary - The way I increased the amount of time I ran was to run/walk. I would run as far as I could and then walk until I recovered just enough to run again...then I would run until I couldn't run anymore. Eventually I began running more and more and just recently I ran 8 miles at a time. A year ago I wouldn't have believed that I would be running long distance...but I am! I do believe that there is a difference between running outside and on the treadmill. Running outside is a little harder but I enjoy it MUCH MORE than running on the treadmill. Good luck with your running and if you have any questions just let us know!!
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