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Whether or not to have kids is just as much as choice as how many to have -- it's a personal choice between you and your husband and ONLY you two. Amazing when you date people ask "when are you getting married" and when you do get married, it moves on to "when are you having kids" -- drives me crazy.

I have a sister who is unable to have children -- after 10 years of trying -- I can't count the number of times she was asked "when are you having kids" -- it's just one of those rude, "stepping over the boundary" kind of questions that people ask. Come up with a few cute, "none of your business" answers to the question and move it along -- like "as soon as you offer to pay for them, they are on their way". I have two boys, which is exactly what I wanted and I still get asked -- don't you want another one so you can have a girl -- like my two handsome sons aren't good enough.

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